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Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are a vibrant forum for ADAA members with a common interest to participate in education, research, mentoring, and networking. SIGs help support ADAA’s commitment to diversity, inclusion, and equity within the mental health field. To join a SIG (or an ADAA Committee) please email [email protected].



SIGs meet virtually and in person at the annual conference. SIG members propose conference symposia and workshops, topics for public or professional education webinars, or web content. Program suggestions must be approved by ADAA committees (e.g. Professional Education, Conference, or Public Education).


Peer Consultations

SIGs can hold free monthly online peer consultation groups to provide a safe and confidential forum for members to discuss cases, collaborate, and share resources. 


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Please view the ADAA SIG Guidelines



Connect, Learn, Share

Child and Adolescent
The Child and Adolescent SIG creates a place for clinicians and researchers to discuss, debate, and address...
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Early Career Professionals & Students
The Early Career Professionals and Students SIG unites students and early career professionals interested in the clinical...
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Integrative Behavioral Health
The Integrative Behavioral Health SIG focuses on the value of mind-body interventions. Our mission is two-fold; to...
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OCD & Related Disorders
The OCD and Related Disorders SIG promotes collaboration, education/mentoring, research, and networking among ADAA members who have a specific interest in OCD and related conditions.
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The PTSD SIG is focused on all stages of career mentorship, dissemination of research, and advancement of...
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Social Anxiety
The Social Anxiety SIG promotes collaboration, case consultation, clinical work, and networking around evidence-based treatment of social...
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Women's Mental Health
The Women’s Mental Health SIG creates a place for clinicians and researchers to discuss, debate, and address issues relevant to the understanding and treatment of women suffering from anxiety and depression and related disorders.
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Genetics & Neuroscience
The Genetics and Neuroscience SIG brings together researchers who are broadly involved in the biological science of anxiety and depressive disorders.
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Multicultural Advances
The Multicultural Advances SIG encourages collaboration, communication, education, research, mentoring, and networking focused on multicultural...
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Suicide and Self-Injury
The Suicide and Self-Injury SIG aims to promote research and clinical collaboration among psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers,...
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Interested in joining a SIG?

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