Treating Anxiety Disorders: Educational Videos

Watch Treating Anxiety Disorders, a six-part educational video series created to train master's-level clinicians.

TreatingAnxietyDisordersvideoPart1Treating Anxiety Disorders, Part 1 (of 6): The Power of Anxiety

Licensed clinical social workers, psychologists, and other therapists can successfully treat disabling anxiety disorders.
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TreatingAnxietyDisordersvideoPart2Treating Anxiety Disorders, Part 2 (of 6): Treatment and Recovery: One Patient's Story

A young woman with OCD learns how to manage her OCD and finds out it no longer controls her.
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TreatingAnxietyDisordersvideoPart3Treating Anxiety Disorders, Part 3 (of 6): Medications and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Methods clinicians use to treat anxiety disorders: medications (psychopharmacology), cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), complementary treatments.
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TreatingAnxietyDisordersvideoPart4Treating Anxiety Disorders, Part 4 (of 6): What Is Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy?

A licensed clinical social worker describes how cognitive-behavioral therapy effectively treats anxiety.
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TreatingAnxietyDisordersvideoPart5Treating Anxiety Disorders, Part 5 (of 6): Implementing Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Details about how to implement cognitive-behavioral therapy in treating anxietyusing exposure and response prevention, cognitive restructuring, and behavioral experiments.
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TreatingAnxietyDisordersvideoPart6Treating Anxiety Disorders, Part 6 (of 6): Complementary Approaches

How complementary approaches to treating anxiety can be effective, including family therapy, mindfulness, exercise, yoga, and breathing.
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