Public Education Committee

The focus of the Public Education Committee (PEC) is to improve and expand public education and outreach about anxiety, depression, and co-occurring disorders through website content, webinars, blog posts, social media outreach, and other collaborative educational projects.

We are always looking for new and innovative ways to disseminate high quality information to mental health consumers.  Our committee values fresh ideas and trying out new communication strategies. 

If you are interested in learning more about this committee and how you can be involved, please contact ADAARead the ADAA Committee Guidelines.


  • Debra Kissen, PhD, MHSA, Light on Anxiety Treatment Center of Chicago 
  • Neal Sideman,  

Board Liaison

  • Ken Goodman, LCSW,  Private Practice, Los Angeles, CA 

Committee Members

  • Dominique Apollon, M.Ed, Holistic Psychotherapy Services, Chicago
  • Richa Bhatia, MD, Santa Rosa Community Health, California 
  • Sarah Bloch Elkouby, PhD, Mount Sinai Beth Israel, New York
  • Olivia E. Bogucki, PhD, Mayo Clinic
  • Jackie Bullis, PhD, McLean Hospital
  • Suma Chand, MPhil, PhD, Saint Louis University  
  • Ken Goodman, LCSW, Anxiety Treatment of the Valley, ADAA Board Member
  • Paul Greene, PhD, Manhattan Center for CBT
  • Aarti Gupta, PhD, TherapyNest
  • Mbemba Jabbi, University of Texas at Austin
  • Eli Lebowitz, PhD, Yale University Child Study Center
  • Karen Martinez, MSc, MD, University of Puerto Rico 
  • Kathariya Mokrue, PhD, York College - CUNY
  • Catherine Pittman, PhD, Saint Mary's College   
  • David H. Rosmarin, PhD, ABPP, Center of Anxiety
  • Lynne Siqueland, PhD, Children's and Adult Center for OCD & Anxiety 
  • Andrea Umbach, PsyD, Southeast Psych 
  • Melanie Van Dyke, PhD, University of Health Sciences and Pharmacy
  • Jenny Yip, PsyD, Renewed Freedom Center for Rapid Anxiety Relief  
  • Michael Ziffra, MD, Northwestern University 

2020 Annual Report

The PEC membership is dynamic, creative, and resourceful. We currently have 23 active members.

We hold a Zoom meeting every 2 months. Meetings are an opportunity for members to contribute their ideas, volunteer for projects, and set the direction for our committee. 

Our main projects:

•    Public education webinars

•    Blog articles

•    Our “Ask an ADAA Therapist” feature

In addition, PEC members are available to respond to requests from Lise Bram for various tasks, including: 

  • responding to inquiries from media representatives
  • providing information to members of the public
  • reviewing portions of the ADAA website

Public Education Webinar Series

  • /resources-news/from-adaa-experts/webinars

The committee completed 17 webinars in 2020:

  • Managing Stress in Sports: Quieting the Mind and Body - Presenter: Mitchell Greene / Host: Lynne Siqueland
  • Outsmart Your Anxious Brain - Presenter: David Carbonell / Host: Neal
  • Quick Expert Tips and Strategies to Manage Coronavirus Anxiety - Presenter: Debra Kissen
  • Quick Expert Tips to Manage Coronavirus Anxiety -- Part Two -Presenters: Ken Goodman, Debra Kissen, Reid Wilson, and Sally Winston
  • Experiencing Financial Stress Due to COVID-19? Learn Stress-Relieving Tips from Anxiety and Financial Experts -Presenters: Kristina Caragiulo, Nick Cosky/Host: Debra
  • Managing Coronavirus Anxiety: Tips and Strategies for Families -Presenters: Ken Goodman, Debra Kissen, David Rosmarin
  • Managing Coronavirus Anxiety Part 3: Expert Tips and Strategies -Presenters: Ken Goodman, Debra Kissen, David Rosmarin
  • Managing the Rollercoaster of Emotions during Covid-19 -Presenter: Bethany Teachman / Host: Neal
  • Managing Anxiety During Turbulent Times -Presenters: Ken Goodman, Debra Kissen, David Rosmarin
  • OCD, Covid, & Return to Life -Presenter: Elizabeth McIngvale / Host: Neal
  • Healing Invisible Wounds -Presenters: Burke Garrett, Cordelia Grimes / Host: Debra
  • Depression: How to Recognize and Treat It -Presenter: Zachary Cohen / Host: Neal
  • Addressing Systemic Racism: A Call to Action for Allies - Presenter: Kimberlye Dean / Host: Neal
  • What Are Intrusive Thoughts and How Can You Deal With Them - Presenters: Debra Kissen, Paul Greene
  • Tips for Managing Covid Fatigue - Presenters: Ken Goodman, Debra Kissen, David Rosmarin
  • Persistent Trauma of Systemic Racial Inequities and the Perils of COVID-19 - Presenters: Kathariya Mokrue, Mbemba Jabbi
  • Health Anxiety Part 2: Learn How to Face Your Fear of Death and Overcome Health Anxiety - Presenter: Ken Goodman / Host: Neal

Blog Articles for Consumers

Blog articles greatly enhance engagement on the ADAA website, as well as generating a huge number of visits through Google searches. In 2020, ADAA posted a total of 69 blog articles. 19 of these were contributed by PEC members, including the 3 with the highest number of views:

  • Top Ten COVID-19 Anxiety Reduction Strategies (Ken Goodman)
  • Health Anxiety: What It is and How to Beat It - Updated June 2020 (Ken Goodman)
  • COVID-19 Lockdown Guide: How to Manage Anxiety and Isolation During Quarantine  (Aarti Gupta)

We welcome any ideas or suggestions from Board members regarding current and future projects.