What is Anxiety?

Relationships, health, money, deadlines, world affairs—you name it. We all have plenty to worry about. But people who have generalized anxiety disorder, or GAD (aka the “worry” disorder), experience excessive and unrelenting worry that goes on almost every day. Whether you're someone dealing with anxiety or want to support someone who is, this video is here to help. Watch it now to learn more and consider subscribing to our channel by clicking the subscribe button above for more mental health videos. - If you or a loved one is seeking more information on treatment: 


• Visit the ADAA website: https://adaa.org/understanding-anxiet... 

• Use our Find Your Therapist Tool to find support near you: https://findyourtherapist.adaa.org/ 


This video is made possible through a collaboration with McLean Hospital. Learn more about their work at mcleanhospital.org.


If you or a loved one is experiencing a crisis, please call or text 988, available 24/7