ADAA member Reid Wilson, PhD shares his insights on anxiety in this article. 
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"Congratulations! You’ve graduated from college, landed your first adult job, and have moved across the country away from family and friends to enter the work force. Now what?? While these are all amazing accomplishments that highlight your transition into independence and adulthood, they also are big life changes (especially all at once) that can be very stressful." ADAA board member Vasiliki Michopoulos, PhD authors this blog post on understanding how stress impacts your mental health in adulthood.
"Loneliness is a route to depressive symptoms. In anybody, but certainly in older people, the more socially interactive you are, the less likely you are to be depressed," says ADAA member Philip Muskin, MD in this article. 
Depression and Anxiety, the official online journal of the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, welcomes original research and synthetic review articles covering neurobiology (genetics and neuroimaging), epidemiology, experimental psychopathology, and treatment (psychotherapeutic and pharmacologic) aspects of mood and anxiety disorders, and related phenomena in humans. This month's issue focuses on measuring and detecting depression.
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I'm Vasvi Mukerjee. I recently graduated from Shillington School of Graphic Design, New York. Anxiety has always been a close issue to me and I know some of my friends also suffer from it every now and then.  I created this campaign 'Anxiety Comes In All Shapes & Sizes' as a student project to help spread awareness about the rising issue of anxiety and how people can help themselves and others by reaching out to ADAA. 
"People who are anxious may have a hard time concentrating," says ADAA member Helen Odessky, PsyD in this article on lesser-known symptoms of anxiety.