ADAA member Arash Javanbakht, MD shares his insights on the neurobiological models of psychotherapy in this editorial.
"Have you ever found yourself wondering: What if they notice my anxiety? What do I do if they reject me? These types of questions typically pop up in the minds of people who are socially anxious – especially right before they enter into a social situation." ADAA member Martin Stork authors this blog post on intrusive thoughts.
ADAA member Shala Nicely, LPC authors this article on the unintended consequences of saying OCD can be cured. 
ADAA member Simon Rego, PsyD is featured in this article on new mom anxiety. 
ADAA member Stephen Schueller, PhD, authors this article on what apps can help with anxiety. 
ADAA members Dave Carbonell, PhD and Martin Seif, PhD, ABPP are featured in this article on how to conquer your fear of flying.
Dr. Luana Marques, ADAA President-Elect and a talented behavioral therapist, teaches her patients to fight and become comfortable with their anxiety. She explains the biological background of anxiety, and how her family taught her how anxiety is a necessity, not something we should avoid.
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ADAA members Martin Seif, PhD, ABPP and Sally Winston, PsyD author this blog post on Unwanted Intrusive Thoughts. 
"My name is Amaranthia Sepia (meaning Eternal Brown Flower). I’m a 19-year-old comic artist of African American and Caribbean descent. At age eight, two years after I returned from Tokyo, I declared my purpose to become a successful comic artist. My comic series featuring my character “Emo Bunny” is art therapy. It expresses the struggles of living with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and my experiences with bullying."