Continuing Education

1. Know the conference theme.

Every year, ADAA's annual conference has a theme. Be sure to consider how your submission may fit within the conference theme, and reference this in your submission!

2. Establish your target audience.

So definitely submit to present. You do have something to offer either as primarily a therapist or a researcher or both. Do not doubt, just submit and see what happens. Conference submissions are not weighted based on presenters in the review process, so you have just as good a chance at acceptance as more senior submitters if you have an interesting and well written proposal.

If you're like me, this may be one of the first in-person professional conferences you've attended for the past 2 years!

Congratulations on your poster acceptance to the ADAA conference! First let's take a moment to celebrate that accomplishment and the opportunity to present your work!

If you are attending ADAA's Annual Conference for the first time, welcome. With over 1,100 attendees expected and more than 100 engaging sessions anticipated, events, and networking opportunities, it could be easy to be overwhelmed.