What is ADAA?

Susan Gurley Headshot April 2017_2.jpgIf you or someone you love suffers from depression, or an anxiety disorder, you might have come across an organization called the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) while searching for answers. Perhaps that search is what led you to this very page, and now, you’re wondering where to go from here.

A Guide for the Anxious Traveler

Aarti-Gupta,PsyD-websize.jpg“Oh, the places you’ll go!” exclaimed Dr. Seuss, as he he hoped to inspire children to live a vigorous life of travel, exploration, and discovery. But for people with severe anxiety, travel could be considered the ultimate discomfort zone. A variety of unknowns can cause a cyclone of negative thoughts: “How will I get there? Will I be able to adjust to an unfamiliar environment? How do I deal with anxiety while I’m away from home?”

How to Handle Regret

Suma-Chand_website.jpgIn the early years of my career as a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist I often struggled to find a way to help some of my clients cope with their thoughts and feelings of regret: “If only I had recognized my cheating boyfriend for what he really is,” or “I wish I’d been a better and more patient mother to my son,” and “If only I’d studied harder I would have done better in life.”