by Scott Stossel

Scott StosselChildhood anxiety, even severe and chronic, doesn’t necessarily stand in the way of success and achievement. But caring parents will do anything to help relieve their children of misery. Scott Stossel, the editor of The Atlantic magazine, tells his story of struggling, coping, and living a very productive life.

A Board Thank You to Our ADAA Members and Supporters

ADAA’s Board of Directors extends a heartfelt thank you to all ADAA members and supporters for their extraordinary work and effort during the last few months. We invite you to watch this special message of thanks from the Board. 

A big part of ADAA’s mission has always been to provide access to evidence-based research and treatment information to the public at no cost. Now more than ever, as COVID-19 takes a toll on the world’s mental health, these resources are critical. 

Flipping the Script: How Becoming a COVID-19 Patient Challenged My Skills as an Anxiety Therapist - Blog Post

ADAA member Stephanie Woodrow, LCPC, NCC shares reflections about her own personal journey with COVID-19 as an anxiety specialist in this new blog post - "...Interestingly, one emotion I didn’t feel at all was anxiety. I’m not certain why. Perhaps I was still in shock from the news. Or maybe I’ve spent so much time teaching and talking about thinking errors that my brain automatically reacted to the news without catastrophizing. I don’t know..."

Transgender OCD: A New Theme Following a Familiar Pattern - Blog Post

ADAA member Stephanie Woodrow, LCPC, NCC authors this blog post..."The issue of sexual orientation creeping into OCD is a sign of the ever-evolving societal environment. As such, it’s not surprising that a new twist on a common OCD theme is finding its way into the minds of some patients: what if I’m transgender? Conversely, people who are transgender might worry about being cisgender, or identifying with the gender identified at birth..."