Emotion Regulation in Action

Friday, April 6
1:00 pm– 3:00 pm

The 4th Annual Clinical Practice Symposium will feature a panel of expert clinicians working with an adult client struggling with moderate emotion regulation problems. Emotion Regulation problems range from mild to complex presentations and different treatments target them in a unique way in the therapy room (DBT, ACT, and recently ERT)

The panel of experts will demonstrate how to work with these tricky moments in therapy with “hands-on” interventions that involve exposure, core emotion regulation and distress tolerance skills.

Learning objectives:

  • Apply different treatment interventions for an adult client struggling with emotion regulation problems.
  • Integrate current clinical research findings into the treatment of clients struggling with emotion regulation problems.
  • Utilize the knowledge of experts in conceptualizing the presentation of a client struggling with emotion regulation problems.


Patricia-Zurita-Ona_2.jpgPatricia Zurita-Ona, PsyD
East Bay Behavior Therapy Center






McKay.PNGMatthew McKay, PhD
The Wright Institute






Rochelle Frank, PhD
Private Practice & University of California, Berkeley





farchione.PNGTodd Farchione, PhD
Boston University





Thank You to the Organizing Committee:

Eric Goodman, PhD - Coastal Center for Anxiety Treatment

Jill Stoddard, PhD - Center for Stress and Anxiety Management

David Yusko, PhD - Center for Anxiety and Behavior Therapy