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Beyond Brick and Mortar: Leveraging Technology to Extend the Reach And Scope of Supported Care for Childhood Anxiety Disorders +

Jonathan S. Comer, PhD


Increasing Access by Bringing Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) to Schools +

Alec Miller, PsyD and Mona Potter MD

  • Learn the rationale for adapting DBT to school settings, as Tier 1-3 interventions
  • Understand the biosocial theory of emotion dysregulation and hot DBT skills specifically help students and staff reduce dysregulation in the school 
  • Become familiar with the range of DBT mindfulness, emotion regulation, distress tolerance, and interpersonal effectiveness skills taught in classrooms, groups and school advisory meetings
  • Identify common challenges to implementing DBT in schools 

Hacking Burnout for Professionals Who Do Too Much +

Karen Cassiday, PhD, ACT

This presentation will cover the latest research on helping mental health professionals avoid, prevent and recover from burnout.  Professional burnout occurs when employers ask too much and fail to express appreciation.  It also occurs when professionals fail to say "No" so they can say "Yes" to living a values driven life lived with grace.  Imposter syndrome and perfectionism will also be addressed as factors contributing to burnout.