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ADAA’s English language anonymous peer-to-peer online anxiety and depression support group and ADAA's Spanish-language online support group are free, friendly, safe and supportive places for individuals and their families to share information and experiences. As a member you can connect with other people experiencing anxiety and depression and related disorders, contribute to ongoing conversations or start your own conversation with a question or a post about your journey. lists ADAA's community as a top depression support group - November 2022


"Peer to Peer Free Online Support Group for Mental Health, Depression and Anxiety"



ADAA's Health Unlocked Online Community has more than 70,000 subscribers from around the world. Log in today to start the conversation.


Messages from the Community

Reedz, Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia
"I just want to say thank you for creating this platform for a sufferer like me. More space for us to live, talk and share thoughts. Thank you and best regards."
I am grateful for ADAA’s support and this forum. It is a lifeline for many.😊
Thank you so much! Lifesavers for me—you all and all the people here!
Thanks to you all very, very much for your work throughout the year keeping this veritable oasis of support and hope running smoothly.
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