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The Journal of Mood & Anxiety DisordersTM the official online journal of the Anxiety and Depression Association of America welcomes original clinical, translational, and basic research as well as synthetic review articles covering neurobiology (genetics and neuroimaging), epidemiology, experimental psychopathology, pathophysiology and treatment (psychotherapeutic, neuromodulation, and pharmacologic) aspects of mood and anxiety disorders. We encourage original research submissions from basic neuroscientists and pharmacologists as well as all clinical investigators to establish a platform for translational advances and discussion. To advance this discussion, review papers focusing on current treatment advances as well as those providing innovative and cutting-edge reviews of key areas and issues guiding mood and anxiety disorder science will be prioritized.  We encourage submissions from international experts. All submissions will be peer reviewed.

In keeping with our goal of publishing only the best clinically relevant science, we have been fortunate to add to the Editorial Board many luminaries in our field, all of whom are committed to making The Journal of Mood & Anxiety DisordersTMas good as it can possibly be. We have added additional non-North American members, with the goal of increasing the journal's global reach and representation.


As the complexity of the clinical and translational science in our domains grows, we rely ever more strongly on our authors to convey their findings in a fashion that makes their discoveries intelligible to our readership. And we rely ever more strongly on our team of reviewers –to which our Editorial Board Members are heavy lifters – to select the most exciting and most meaningful manuscripts for publication. As our selectivity increases, we trust that readers and contributors to The Journal of Mood & Anxiety DisordersTM will notice and appreciate the high quality of the papers we  publish. A big debt of gratitude goes to our Editorial Board for making it so.


Below is a listing of the current The Journal of Mood & Anxiety DisordersTM Journal editorial board. Interested in learning more about becoming involved in then Journal Board? Please email us


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Stephen M. Strakowski, MD
Indiana University School of Medicine, Indianapolis

Associate Editors: 

Olusola Alade Ajilore, MD, PhD
University of Illinois-Chicago

Erika J. Wolf, PhD
National Center for PTSD at VA Boston Healthcare System, Boston, MA, USA; Boston University Chobanian & Avedisian School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry, Boston, MA, USA.


Darius B. Dawson, PhD
Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center
Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX

Binder, Elisabeth, MD, PhD
Emory University, 

Bui, Eric, MD, PhD
Harvard University/Massachusetts General Hospital

Burkhouse, Katie, PhD
Nationwide Children’s Hospital/The Ohio State University 

Cisler, Josh, PhD    
The University of Texas at Austin - Dell Medical School

Choi, Karmel, PhD
Harvard University / Massachusetts General Hospital

Dougherty, Darin D., MD    
Harvard University / Massachusetts General Hospital

Dunn, Erin, ScD, MPH    
Harvard University / Massachusetts General Hospital

Edmiston, E. Kale, PhD    
UMass Medical School

Fonzo, Greg, PhD    
The University of Texas at Austin - Dell Medical School

Paul E. Holtzheimer, MD 
VA PTSD Brain Bank

Elizabeth Hoge, MD
Georgetown University Medical Center

Hulvershorn, Leslie, MD    
Indiana University

Jovanovic, Tanja, PhD    
Wayne State University

Kessler, Ronald, PhD    
Harvard University

Klumpp, Heidi, PhD
University of Illinois at Chicago

Lewis, Krystal,PhD    

Liebowitz, Michael R., MD    
Medical Research Network / Columbia University

Lowry, Christopher, PhD
University of Colorado Boulder

MacNamara, Annmarie, PhD
Texas A&M University

Maples-Keller, Jessica, PhD
Emory University

Markowitz, John, PhD
Columbia University 

Mathew, Sanjay, MD    
Baylor College of Medicine / The Menninger Clinic

Meltzer-Brody, Samantha, MD, MPH
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Michopoulos, Vasiliki, PhD, MSc
Emory University

Nemeroff, Charles, MD, PhD    
The University of Texas at Austin - Dell Medical School

Newport Jeff, MD    
The University of Texas at Austin - Dell Medical School

Nierenberg, Andrew, MD    
Harvard University / Massachusetts General Hospital

Paulus, Martin P., MD    
Laureate Institute for Brain Research

Pine, Daniel S., MD    

Pizzagalli, Diego A., PhD    
Harvard University / McLean Hospital

Pollack, Mark, MD    
Rush University Medical Center / Sage Therapeutics

Rauch, Sheila, PhD, ABPP    
Emory University School of Medicine

Rauch, Scott, MD    
Harvard University / McLean Hospital

Risbrough, Victoria, PhD    
University of California, San Diego

Roberson-Nay, Roxann, PhD
Virginia Commonwealth University

Rosso, Isabelle, MD
Harvard University/McLean Medical School

Schneier, Franklin, MD    
Columbia University

Schnurr, Paula, PhD    
Dartmouth College

Simpson, H. Blair, MD, PhD    
Columbia University

Stein, Murray, MD, MPH    
University of California, San Diego

Storch, Eric, PhD    
Baylor College of Medicine

Strawn, Jeffrey, MD    
University of Cincinnati

Taylor, Charles, T, PhD    
University of California, San Diego

Tsai, Shang-ying, MD    
Taipei Medical University

Van Ameringen, Michael, MD, FRCPC    
McMaster University

van Rooij, Sanne, PhD
Emory University

Wagner, Karen, MD, PhD    
University of Texas Medical Branch

Weisberg, Risa, PhD    
Boston University / BehaVR

Weissman, Myrna, M. PhD    
Columbia University

Williams, Leanne, M, PhD    
Stanford University

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