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Depression and Anxiety, the official online journal of the Anxiety and Depression Association of America welcomes original research and synthetic review articles covering neurobiology (genetics and neuroimaging), epidemiology, experimental psychopathology, and treatment (psychotherapeutic and pharmacologic) aspects of mood and anxiety disorders, and related phenomena in humans.

In keeping with our goal of publishing only the best clinically relevant science, we have been fortunate to add to the Editorial Board many luminaries in our field, all of whom are committed to making Depression and Anxiety as good as it can possibly be. We have added additional non-North American members, with the goal of increasing the journal's global reach and representation. We are also delighted to have retained for another two-year term many extant Editorial Board Members, all of whom will continue to contribute to making our review process as rigorous, equitable, and rapid as possible. To the Editorial Board Members who are stepping down, we thank you for your service to the journal and hope to be able to count on you to continue to act as reviewers from time to time and, importantly, to send us some of your best work.


As the complexity of the clinical and translational science in our domains grows, we rely ever more strongly on our authors to convey their findings in a fashion that makes their discoveries intelligible to our readership. And we rely ever more strongly on our team of reviewers –to which our Editorial Board Members are heavy lifters – to select the most exciting and most meaningful manuscripts for publication. As our selectivity increases, we trust that readers and contributors to Depression and Anxiety will notice and appreciate the high quality of the papers we now publish. A big debt of gratitude goes to our Editorial Board for making it so.


Below is a listing of the current Depression and Anxiety Journal editorial board. Interested in learning more about becoming involved in the Depression and Anxiety Journal Board? Please email us. Interested in submitting an article? View the Depression and Anxiety Submissions Guidelines.


Journal Editorial Board 



Deputy Editors: 

Karmel Choi, PhD
Mass General Hospital and Harvard School of Public Health

Pim Cuijpers, PhD
VU University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam

Andrew A. Nierenberg, MD
Massachusetts General Hospital, MA

Charles Taylor, PhD
UC San Diego


James Abelson, MD, ADAA Scientific Council 
University of Michigan, MI

Gordon Asmundson, PhD - ADAA Scientific Council 
University of Regina-Regina Health District, Canada

Robin Aupperle, PhD
Laureate Institute for Brain Research, Tulsa, OK

Tali Manber Ball, PhD
Stanford University

Katja Beesdo-Baum, PhD
Technische Universität Dresden

Elisabeth B. Binder, MD, PhD
Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry, Germany

Michael H. Bloch, MD, MS
Yale School of Medicine, CT

Bekh Bradley, PhD
Emory University, GA

David Brent, MD
University of Pittsburgh, PA

T. H. Eric Bui MD, PhD
Massachusetts General Hospital, MA

Paul E. Croarkin, D.O, M.S
Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN

Darin Dougherty, MD - ADAA Scientific Council 
Massachusetts General Hospital, MA

Erin Dunn, ScD, MPH
Massachusetts General Hospital, MA

Renée El-Gabalawy, PhD
Max Rady College of Medicine, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg. Canada

Randall Espinoza, MD, MPH
University of California, Los Angeles

Amit Etkin, MD, PhD
Stanford University, CA

Gregory Fonzo, PhD
University of Texas at Austin

Marlene Freeman, MD
Massachusetts General Hospital, MA

Bradley Gaynes, MD, PhD
University of North Carolina, NC

Simon Gilbody, PhD
University of York, United Kingom

John Hettema, MD, PhD - ADAA Scientific Council 
Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Medicine

Stefan Hofman, PhD - ADAA Scientific Council 
Boston University, MA

Elizabeth Hoge, MD
Georgetown University Medical Center

Paul Holtzheimer, MD - ADAA Board Member, Scientific Council
National Center for PTSD
Darthmouth Medical Center, VVT

Sonia Jain, PhD - Statistical Editor
University of California, San Diego

Tanja Jovanovic, PhD - ADAA Board Member
Wayne State University, MI

Ronald C. Kessler, PhD
Harvard Medical School, MA

James Kocsis, MD
Weill Medical College of Cornell University, NY

Karestan C. Koenen, PhD
Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, MA

Andrew Krystal, MD
University of California San Francisco

Michael R. Liebowitz, MD - ADAA Scientific Council 
Columbia University/NYS Psychiatry

John Markowitz, MD
Columbia University, NY

Luana Marques, PhD- ADAA Board President
Massachusetts General Hospital

Michael McCarthy, MD, PhD
UCSD and VA San Diego Healthcare System

Barbara Milrod, MD
Weill Cornell Medicine, NY

Rajendra A. Morey, MD
Duke University School of Medicine, NC

Charles Nemeroff, MD, PhD - ADAA President-Elect, ADAA Chief Medical Officer, and ADAA Scientific Council
Dell Medical School, University of Texas at Austin

Richard Neugebauer, PhD
Columbia University, NY

Seth Norrholm PhD
Wayne State University, Detroit, MI

Martin Paulus, MD - ADAA Scientific Council Chair
Laureate Institute of Brain Research, OK

Jennifer Payne, MD
John Hopkins School of Medicine, MD

Koraly Pérez-Edgar, PhD
Penn State University, PA

K. Luan Phan, MD
Ohio State University

Daniel Pine, MD- ADAA Scientific Council 
National Institute of Mental Health, MD

Diego Pizzagalli, PhD
Harvard Medical School, MA

Mark Pollack, MD - ADAA Scientific Council 
Rush University Medical Center, IL

Sheila Rauch, PhD - ADAA Board Member
Emory University, GA

Scott Rauch, MD - (ADAA Board Member and ADAA Scientific Council)
McLean Hospital, MA

Jerrold Rosenbaum, MD - ADAA Scientific Council
Massachusetts General Hospital, MA

Isabelle Rosso, PhD
McLean Hospital and Harvard Medical School

Barbara Rothbaum, PhD, ABPP - ADAA Scientific Council
Emory University School of Medicine

Peter Roy-Byrne, MD - (ADAA Scientific Council, Depression and Anxiety Journal Editor-in-Chief Emeritus)
University of Washington-School of Medicine, WA

Jitender Sareen, MD - ADAA Scientific Council
University of Manitoba, Canada

Frank Schneier, MD - ADAA Scientific Council
Columbia University/NYS Psychiatric Institute, NY

Paula Schnurr, PhD
National Center for PTSD, DC

R. A. Schoevers, MD, MSc
University of Groningen, Netherlands

Lisa Shin, PhD
Tufts University, MA

Blair Simpson, MD, PhD - ADAA Board Member, Scientific Council 
Columbia University/New York State Psychiatric Institute, NY

Manpreet K. Singh, MD MS
Stanford University, CA

Jasper Smits, PhD - ADAA Scientific Council
University of Texas at Austin

Eric Storch, PhD
University of South Florida

Stephen Strakowski, MD
University of Cincinnati, OH

Jeffrey Strawn, MS
University of Cincinnati, OH

Trisha Suppes, MD, PhD
Stanford University Medical Center, CA

John Torous, MD
Harvard Medical School, MA

Rudolf Uher, MD, PhD
Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia, Canada

Karen Wagner, MD, PhD - ADAA Scientific Council
University of Texas Medical Branch

Risa Weisberg, PhD- ADAA Board Treasurer, Scientific Council
Brown University, RI

Myrna Weissman, PhD - Scientific Council
Columbia University, NY

Leanne M. Williams, PhD
Stanford University, CA

Jesse Wright, MD, PhD
University of Louisville School of Medicine, KY

Alyson Zalta, PhD
University of California Irvine, CA

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