Self Care - A Depression Awareness Art and Social Project

Self Care - A Depression Awareness Art and Social Project

by Yuliya Osyka


“Self Care” is a self-initiated social project, consisting of 12 illustrated posters dedicated to showing ways to take care of oneself in depression:

  1. Talk to a psychotherapist 
  2. Find you people 
  3. Be your own friend
  4. Eat well 
  5. Go outside
  6. Be active 
  7. Set achievable goals
  8. Limit information intake 
  9. Continue to do what you used to love 
  10. Try something new
  11. Let yourself rest
  12. Start and end your day with yourself 

Each poster describes one strategy to alleviate the symptoms of depression and help yourself bring back the life that has meaning.

I came up with the idea for these posters when I realized how often we tend to overlook the effects of little day-to-day choices on our wellbeing in the long run: how excessive expectations lay as a burden on our shoulders; the absence of a filter floods us with anxiety and existential dread; poor nutrition aids lack of energy and worsens our physical health.

The choices one finds in the “Self Care” project can grow into habits and gradually shoot one into an upward spiral. 

I reached out to ADAA for their support and was very happy to hear they liked the idea. I reached out to them because of their scientific approach to understanding the illness and their all-encompassing support to people with depression and anxiety. 

My hope is for this project to serve as a reminder for those searching for the ultimate solution that it consists of many baby steps instead of one giant leap. And that making those steps regularly will cover a vast distance towards something we can call “the life that’s worth living”. 

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