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Professional  $229/year

Those who are licensed to provide clinical services or those who conduct research in anxiety disorders, OCD, PTSD, and depression.
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Emeritus Membership- $125/year

Available for current ADAA members who have been a member in good standing for at least 15 years, are fully retired and 67 years or older. (Membership does not need to be in consecutive years)

  • Emeritus Members retain full professional member benefits excluding being listed on Find-A-Therapist.
  • Emeritus Members cannot hold office. To hold office, emeritus members must convert to full professional membership status.

Please download the ADAA Emeritus Renewal Form here. Please contact Kesha Patel for more information if you qualify and are interested in becoming an Emeritus Member.

Trainee/Postdoctoral Fellow/Resident $115/year

Those who are actively involved in postgraduate research or clinical training in any discipline relevant to ADAA's mission.
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Student $65/year

Current enrollment as a full-time undergraduate, research assistant, or graduate student in a related field (medicine, psychology, social work, public health, neuroscience, nursing, counseling, etc.).
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Questions about membership? Please contact Kesha Patel, ADAA Senior Marketing and Communications Coordinator.