PTSD Coach


One of two self-help apps from the National Center for PTSD, this app is targeted to help individuals suffering from PTSD, as well as those simply interested in learning more about this disorder. The skills taught may be applied to individuals with mild to moderate versions of PTSD and for whom self-guided assessment and treatment might be sufficient. It is not recommended for PTSD sufferers who require one-to-one treatment, high-frequency direct clinical interface, or for those who have difficulty make safe decisions.

It does a terrific job of education, assessing PTSD, and offering easy to understand tips to manage common PTSD symptoms, and finding additional treatment resources with providers via a search function.


Ease of Use = 4 
Effectiveness = 5 (Education, Screening,Self-Monitoring, Treatment)
Personalization = 4
Interactive/Feedback = 4
Research Evidence = 4

Teens, parents, adults, men, women, veterans