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For individuals with chronic worry, anticipatory anxiety, and GAD, this app provides simple self-monitoring and documenting of worry within a pre-fixed menu, as well as a graphical tool that charts the worry entries by various factors. It also prompts the user to think about whether the he or she believes the actual worry was as bad as what actually happened.

This app was created based on the personal experience of a longtime sufferer of GAD. It is not meant to replace traditional therapy such as CBT, but can be used to supplement it. It is not suited for those who have difficulty interpreting graphical representations of information. It would be helpful to have a tutorial to highlight the features of the app and how to use it. It does a terrific job of displaying evidence of the intensity, frequency, and duration of cognitive distortions.


Ease of Use = 3
Effectiveness = 3 (Education, Self-Monitoring)
Personalize = 2
Interactive/Feedback = 2.6
Research Evidence = 1.6

Teens, parents, adults, men, women, veterans