ADAA is delighted to announce a new partnership with PsyberGuide. 

PsyberGuide ( is a non-profit website reviewing smartphone applications and other digital mental health products. PsyberGuide provides accurate and reliable information about digital products designed to address depression and anxiety disorders, as well as other mental health issues. Its goal is to help consumers make responsible and informed decisions about the technologies they use for management of mental health. PsyberGuide is committed to ensuring that this information is available to all, and that it is free of preference, bias, or endorsement. PsyberGuide is also intended for professionals and researchers seeking to enhance their knowledge in this area. 

PsyberGuide is funded by One Mind, a leading non-profit organization whose focus is to guide, support, and facilitate collaborative brain research in order to provide patients who suffer from brain disease and injury better diagnostics and treatment. With over 325,000 emerging digital health technologies, and an estimated 12,000 of those designed for mental health, One Mind recognized the lack of advice or guidelines to help consumers navigate the expanding marketplace of mental health apps.  Thus in 2013, One Mind established PsyberGuide to address this growing problem.

In 2017, One Mind welcomed Dr. Stephen Schueller as Executive Director and established a partnership with Northwestern University. Dr. Schueller is an Assistant Professor of Preventive Medicine at Northwestern University and a member of Northwestern’s Center for Behavioral Intervention Technologies (CBITs). Dr. Schueller’s work focuses on expanding the accessibility and availability of mental health services through technology.  Currently PsyberGuide operates out of Northwestern University and CBITs with support from One Mind. 

The goal of this new partnership between PsyberGuide and ADAA is to expand the reach of mental health app reviews and information about digital mental health for both consumer and clinician audiences. In addition to providing reviews of apps specifically for anxiety and depression, we hope to facilitate dissemination of information for clinicians on how to identify mental health apps and best practices for using them in their work. In the coming months, more app reviews will be added to the ADAA site with this goal in mind and additional reviews will always be available on the PsyberGuide site. We believe that by working together, we have the potential to address the growing need for unbiased, reliable mental health app reviews and are confident that we can achieve far more together than we could alone. 

Dr. Schueller said: “We’re thrilled to work closely together with ADAA and share in their vision to support the dissemination and implementation of evidence-based treatments. ADAA is a great partner to get information about these new and innovative mental health resources to those who need it. We hope through doing so we can improve the lives of those experiencing anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive, and trauma-related disorders.” 


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