If you suspect that you might suffer from generalized anxiety disorder, also known as GAD, answer the questions below, print out the results and share them with your health care professional.

All screening tools are downloadable from this website and no permission is required to reproduce, translate, display or distribute them. 

To locate a specialist who treats GAD, visit the ADAA Find a Therapist.


Yes     No Over the last several months, have you been continually worried or anxious about a number of events or activities in your daily life? 

Are you troubled by the following?

Yes     No Excessive worry, occurring more days than not, for a least six months
Yes   No Unreasonable worry about events or activities, such as work, school, or your health
Yes   No The inability to control the worry

Are you bothered by at least three of the following?

Yes   No Restlessness, feeling keyed-up, or on edge
Yes   No Being easily tired
Yes   No Problems concentrating
Yes   No Irritability
Yes   No Muscle tension
Yes   No Trouble falling or staying asleep, or restless and unsatisfying sleep
Yes   No Your anxiety interfering with your daily life

Having more than one illness at the same time can make it difficult to diagnose and treat the different conditions. Depression and substance abuse are among the conditions that occasionally complicate anxiety disorders.

Yes   No Have you experienced changes in sleeping or eating habits?

More days than not, do you feel

Yes   No sad or depressed?
Yes   No disinterested in life?
Yes   No worthless or guilty?

During the last year, has the use of alcohol or drugs...

Yes   No resulted in your failure to fulfill responsibilities with work, school, or family?
Yes   No placed you in a dangerous situation, such as driving a car under the influence?
Yes   No gotten you arrested?
Yes   No continued despite causing problems for you or your loved ones?

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