Getting My Smile Back - Personal Story of Triumph

"It’s liberating to talk about my struggles with mental illness. That is now that I’ve come out on the other side. There was a time I hid my anxiety and depression because I was embarrassed and didn’t understand my emotions. I took solace in reading about others on the ADAA website — knowing I was not alone." Deb Tokarz authors this personal story of triumph.

Treating the Psychological and the Physical: Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Neurological Disorders - Blog Post

"There is no doubt that coping with chronic neurological illnesses can be very distressing. What is however not frequently recognized is the fact that the distress is often a full-fledged co-morbid (co-existing) psychiatric condition that is present alongside the neurological condition." ADAA member Suma Chand, MPhil, PhD authors this blog post on CBT and neurological disorders.