Managing Stress in Sports


Anxiety and Depression
Friday, January 31, 2020 11 am
- 11 am

Research shows, and everyone agrees, that exercising and playing sports can be one of the best natural stress relievers we have for feelings of anxiety, depression and overwhelm. In this webinar, we address the problem that some experience when their sport becomes the stressor, and the weight of expectations creates undue nervousness, anxiety and negative thinking. If athletics is making you feel worse rather than better, it's often the case that the mind gets "stuck" on all the possible things that are at stake if your performance doesn't live up to your expectations. The strategies offered in this webinar are aimed at helping athletes:

a. Understand how "Mind Chatter" shows up in our athletic pursuits
b. Increase awareness of how the "mind" automatically focuses on results and exaggerates the stakes
c. Learn to "make room" for "Mind Chatter" instead of fighting it and resisting its presence
c. Develop strategies to refocus on aspects of the game that are more under the athlete's control 

Read Dr. Greene's accompanying ADAA blog post: Sports and Stress: Finding the Courage to Quiet the Mind Chatter

About the Presenter(s)

Mitchell Greene, PhD

Mitch Greene

Dr. Mitchell Greene is the owner of Greenepsych Clinical and Sport Psychology, a boutique private practice located in the suburbs of Philadelphia. Dr. Greene is a leading licensed clinical and sport psychologist, whose success over the past 15 plus years is his ability to tailor personalized solutions to his client’s problems. Dr. Greene works primarily with athletes pursuing high performance goals, or coaches and athletic departments looking to educate their student-athletes on mental health and performance enhancement strategies.

Dr. Greene speaks nationally and internationally on topics ranging from peak performance strategies to anxiety management skill development for student-athletes.  The American Psychological Association recently featured Dr. Greene's sport psychology consulting work in an issue of the APA Monitor.

For more information on Dr. Greene, and the services he provides, click here.

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