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Perfectly Imperfect Love: Tips To Recognize & Move Past Relationship OCD



Lara Effland, LICSW, CEDS
Debra Kissen, PhD, MHSA
lara effland debra kissen relationship OCD webinar
Co-occuring Disorders
Friday, February 10, 2023 5:00 pm
- 6:00 pm ET

To further understand Relationship OCD, it is important to recognize the common obsessions and compulsions associated with it.  In order to cope with the fear of being wrong about a partner or loved one, some with Relationship OCD may constantly seek out reassurance from others to validate their relationship or question their partner or friend about the same issues over and over.  In some cases, individuals may try to control their partner’s behavior or actions to quell their worries and doubts. This attempt to reduce anxiety can lead to damaging results in a relationship, as it can cause frustration, insecurity, and mistrust. The need for constant reassurance takes away from genuine connection and communication.

The emotional distress caused by Relationship OCD can be alleviated by seeking help from a mental health professional. Through therapy, individuals can work on reframing intrusive thoughts and learning more adaptive coping skills that don't involve compulsions. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Exposure Response Prevention (ERP) therapy are effective treatments for ROCD that may help reduce symptoms associated with Relationship OCD. With the right care and support, individuals affected by this condition can learn new ways of managing their symptoms and find relief from the anxiety caused by intrusive thoughts.

This webinar will provide tips and strategies you can use:

  1. Understand what Relationship OCD is and how it shows up in your relationships.

  2. Find ways to start to work with your obsessions, worries, and fears.

  3. Access resources and ways to get excellent help and support to stop the cycle of Relationship OCD and start to enjoy your relationships

Join this live conversation and Q&A with Lara Effland, LICSW, CEDS and Dr. Debra Kissen.

Presenter(s) Biography

Lara Effland, LICSW, CEDS

Lara Effland, LICSW, CEDS

Lara Effland, LICSW, CEDS-S, has been a member of ADAA for over 10 years. She has presented at the annual conference, joined Special Interest Groups, encouraged other colleagues to join, and attended the many amazing webinars and training courses. Lara finds ADAA to be a supportive and dependable resource for clinicians and providers. The presentations are excellent, they attract experts in the field, and ADAA also cares for and appreciates their members and community. She has met so many wonderful people, friends, and colleagues through ADAA.

Lara Effland is a licensed clinical social worker with over 15 years of clinical experience and 12 years of clinical supervision, training, and leadership experience. In 2021, she founded the Clinician Development Collective, a website dedicated to providing masterful clinician resources: clinical supervision, consultation, and foundational training.

Ms. Effland is a nationally recognized expert in the field of eating, mood, anxiety, and trauma related disorders. She has worked in multiple levels of care throughout the country with individuals who suffer from these conditions. Ms. Effland received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Oberlin College and her Master’s degree in Social Work from Loyola University of Chicago with a concentration in clinical practice. Her training and expertise focus primarily on cognitive, behavioral, and evidence-based interventions, such as Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Eating Disorders, Exposure and Response Prevention, Prolonged Exposure Therapy, and Mindfulness based interventions.

Ms. Effland nationally speaks and trains on the topics of eating, mood, anxiety, and traumatic stress disorders. She brings compassion, competence, and integrity to patient care and strives to ensure that all clinicians and clients receive the support they need to be their best selves.


Debra Kissen, PhD, MHSA

Debra Kissen, PhD, MHSA

Member Since 2010

Dr. Debra Kissen is CEO of Light On Anxiety CBT Treatment Center. Dr. Kissen specializes in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for anxiety and related disorders. Dr. Kissen is the author of the Panic Workbook for Teens, Rewire Your Anxious Brains for Teens: Using CBT, Neuroscience, and Mindfulness to Help You End Anxiety, Panic, and Worry (The Instant Help Solutions Series) and the soon to be released Break Free from Intrusive Thoughts: An Evidence-Based Guide for Managing Fear and Finding Peace. Dr. Kissen also has a special interest in the principles of mindfulness and their application for anxiety disorders. Dr. Kissen has presented her research on CBT and mindfulness-based treatments for anxiety and related disorders at regional and national conferences. Dr. Kissen is the Co-Chair of the Anxiety and Depression Association of America Public Education Committee. Dr. Kissen was the recipient of the 2020 Gratitude for Giving Spirit Award  and the 2018 Anxiety Depression Association of America Member of Distinction Award. 

Dr. Kissen often serves as a media psychologist and is available for press inquiries and strives to further the dissemination of empirically supported treatment (EST) information by offering user friendly quotes and simple to understand, practical tips and solutions to help mental health consumers move past stress and anxiety.

Dr. Kissen and ADAA

"I was lucky enough to do my early practicums under the leadership and guidance of Dr. Karen Cassiday who is now president of ADAA. I learned from Dr. Cassiday that time spent with ADAA is one of the best professional investments that I could make. Through continuing education, professional connections and additional contact with mental health consumers, ADAA is truly my professional home. I have always had a passion for enhancing dissemination of empirically supported treatment protocols to mental health consumers. The public education committee offers a wonderful opportunity to create innovative programming to reach mental health consumers where they are, not just in the treatment room. I hope the future of mental health care delivery will allow for many more opportunities to expand access to mental health care through public education initiatives such as those spearheaded at ADAA."

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