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Thursday, May 17, 2018 12 pm
- 1 pm

In this webinar you will learn about different types of technology tools, which are available you as a clinician and to your clients. We will go over different things to consider when selecting mobile apps to recommend to clients, and how to best integrate those tools in a coherent way. We will also cover clinician-facing products that can be used to measure client progress, provide actionable data, improve communication and engagement, and provide for additional reimbursement opportunities.

About the Presenter(s)

Christine Moberg, PhD


Christine Moberg is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Head of Psychology at Pacifica Labs, Inc. a mental health technology startup dedicated to empowering individuals to manage their stress, anxiety and depression. At Pacifica, Christina is responsible for designing and conducting research, writing grants, interfacing with forward-thinking health care providers and organizations, and designing digital tools that are based on best practices in mental health treatment. Christine’s expertise in substance use disorder treatment provides her a valuable perspective on what motivates behavior change and helps her to build tools that individuals actually use. Christine completed her training at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, VA Palo Alto Healthcare System, and Stanford University. Prior to working at Pacifica, she was a Psychologist at the VA Palo Alto.

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