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Intensive Treatment Options for Selective Mutism

Intensive Treatment Options for Selective Mutism
Thursday, November 17, 2022 12:00 pm
- 1:00 pm ET
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Children with untreated Selective Mutism are at an increased risk for self-esteem issues, depression, school failure, social skill problems, and school refusal. Early and evidence-based therapeutic intervention is of upmost importance to decreasing anxiety and increase communication in children with Selective Mutism. However, treatment for Selective Mutism may take several months to several years, depending on severity and parent/school participation in the treatment plan. Recent research has demonstrated the positive impact of intensive intervention options on behavioral treatment for Selective Mutism. Dr. Aimee Kotrba provides an overview of intensive treatment options, teaches how to successfully market, bill for, and carry out intensive interventions in the clinic, school, or camp setting, and highlights the "special sauce" of intensive intervention treatments.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Upon completion, the participant will be able to describe the avoidance cycle of Selective Mutism and how behavioral interventions impact this cycle.
  2. Upon completion, the participant will be able to list possible intensive modalities, along with the challenges and benefits of each modality.
  3. Upon completion, the participant will be able to discuss how to integrate intensive interventions into their current work situation or placement for kids and teens with Selective Mutism.
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Presenter(s) Biography

Aimee Kotrba, PhD

Aimee Kotrba, PhD

Dr. Aimee Kotrba is a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in the expert assessment and treatment of Selective Mutism.  Dr. Kotrba owns and directs Thriving Minds Behavioral Health, with clinics in Brighton and Chelsea, Michigan, where she provides individual treatment, parent coaching, and school consultation for children with anxiety and Selective Mutism, and also directs Confident Kids Camp, a summer day-camp for children and teens with Selective Mutism. Dr. Kotrba is the author of Selective Mutism: An Assessment and Intervention Guide for Therapists, Educators, and Parents and Overcoming Selective Mutism: The Parent Field Guide and is a nationally recognized speaker on the identification and treatment of anxiety and Selective Mutism for parents, professionals, and school personnel.

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