BIPOC Scholarship Winners

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Congratulations to the annual BIPOC Membership Scholarship Recipients


  • Elisa Borrero, MA
  • Berron Brown, BS
  • Michelle Fernando, PhD
  • Davena Mgbeowkere, MSW, LCSW
  • Manessa Riser, BS
  • Jenny Shen, MA
  • Shimarith Wallace, BS


  • Darius Dawson, PhD
  • Cecilia Hinojosa, PhD
  • Courtney Louis, MA
  • Jiyoung Song, BA
  • Saydra Wilson, MD


  • Matthew Brown, MS 
  • Terence Ching, MS, PhD Candidate 
  • Christy DaBreo-Otero, MA 
  • Jenny Jung-Mi Kim Goebel, MS, LCSW
  • Tamela Hughes, BS 
  • Dominique Luisa La Barrie
  • Kevin Narine, BA
  • Stephanie Ortiz Domenech, PhD Candidate
  • Eve Rosenfeld, MA 
  • Margaret White, MS, PhD Candidate
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