Anxiety Disorders

My question to my fellow therapists who treat women with OCD is this: “How can we teach women to whole heartedly love themselves, when a mind that creates negative, intrusive, and terrifying thoughts is such a large part of us?”  
Obsessive and compulsive disorder (OCD) symptoms intensely impact individuals and the entire system in which they live. It can be beyond challenging and painful to watch someone you love struggle with severe anxiety, panic attacks, and engage in behaviors (or thoughts) that do not seem rational.
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City life is attractive to many people, but seemingly endless high-rises and gridlocked traffic leave little room for city dwellers to reap the benefits that green spaces may have to offer. In our rapidly urbanizing world, more than half of the global population have made their homes in cities.

In the face of a perceived threat, your body often activates a fight-or-flight response. Heart in your throat. Butterflies in your stomach.
The countdown to the end of summer holidays is accelerating, and that can often bring on anxiety. In fact, the final weeks of summer can be some of the most stressful throughout the entire year! Many are worried about transitioning back to the hustle of meeting deadlines, the pressure of getting tasks handed-back post vaca, and facing a pile of emails. 
As we are experiencing heat domes across the planet, there is emerging evidence from recent publications that heat, among effects on many other human activities, can also have profound effects on mental health. - Martin Paulus, PhD
Panic isn’t what you think it is. It’s not an attack at all, and that’s a misleading name for it. It’s you having an internal reaction of fear – your heart rate changes, your muscles tense up, your stomach feels bad, you have scary thoughts of calamities, and so on.
The growing mental health crisis is indisputably affecting our youth. In fact, the pediatric mental health crisis has been called the “top patient safety threat” of 2023.
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