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Why Write about White Psychologists Discussing Race?

When we first conceived of this topic, we were eager to collaborate with (a) BIPOC colleague(s) to provide a more diverse perspective in addressing race as it arises in the context of the therapeutic relationship.

Congratulations on your poster acceptance to the ADAA conference! First let's take a moment to celebrate that accomplishment and the opportunity to present your work!

During the fall of 2019 I was at a pivotal point in my career trajectory. I had just started my pre-doctoral internship year and was preparing to apply for post-doctoral positions – a last step in my training as I pursued a career in research.

If you are attending ADAA's Annual Conference for the first time in 2022, welcome. With over 1,000 attendees expected and more than 100 engaging sessions anticipated, events, and networking opportunities, it could be easy to be overwhelmed.

ADAA is my go-to conference as a therapist in a specialty private practice. I know I will experience useful and engaging clinical workshops that give me ideas for complex cases or exposures to new ideas.

1. Know the conference theme.

Eric Goodman, PhD

Telling oneself not to be anxious during the COVID-19 pandemic is like trying to tell water not to be wet. These are anxious times.

Krystal Lewis, PhD

You may already feel overwhelmed by reading the title of this blog! How do I keep up with the changing trends and use social media effectively to promote myself?

Holly Scott, MBA, MS, LPC

People with Social Anxiety (SA) have an intense fear of being judged negatively, being criticized, or being embarrassed in public. These fears can have a profound negative affect on professional advancement.

Stefan G. Hofmann

1. What makes an application “wow” you? And the converse, what makes you want to stop reading an application on the spot?