Mental Health

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Health care professionals should take steps to manage their stress, to prevent it from adversely affecting work performance, emotional wellbeing, and health.
Much is written and done to battle stigma in mental health these days. Groups such as WISE put out wonderful content to educate the public and eradicate stigma.
Rogers Behavioral Health
Feeling stressed at work? You’re not alone. Physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals are at higher risk for burnout. Learn how to identify and prevent workplace burnout.
Instead of striving for the elusive “best summer ever,” focus on creating a meaningful, enriched, and engaged summer experience. Here are my top 10 tips to help you live your summer to the fullest on your own terms.
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Telehealth allows for increased access to care, providing a flexible option for families, and allows for exposure work in the home setting where compulsions may be the strongest. Yet, telehealth does not come without challenges.
Firearm ownership is undoubtedly a risk factor for suicide. While it is not the only risk factor, it is a significant one and certainly the most lethal. Firearms are a common method of suicide in veterans with high rates of gun ownership.
Someone you love or care for very much has shared with you that they want to “transition”. What does it mean and what do you do now?
Disastrous news gets delivered in a highly emotional way – often on purpose – and while having strong feelings for the victims of war, floods, earthquakes, mass shootings or horrific accidents is justified, we also have to be logical and in tune with our own emotional processes when interpreting the news.