by Frederic Terral, Founder of Pockitudes

For years, I struggled with depression, anxiety, and a critical inner voice. From an early age, I remember feeling anxious and unhappy. The smallest challenges, mishaps, or failures put me in a downward spiral of shame and self-deprecation. My entrenched inner critic never focused on the things I did right, and only served as a daily reminder of all the things I did wrong. It trained me to become a victim and a negative thinker. I never imagined this would change. 

The Key to Overcoming Anxiety, Panic & Worry - Blog Post

ADAA member Dave Carbonell, PhD wrote this blog post to accompany his new ADAA webinar. 

“The harder I try, the worst it gets!”

Have you ever experienced this thought, or said it aloud?  If you have, you’re in the mainstream of people who struggle with chronic anxiety.  This is the frustrating experience of struggling with panic attacks, phobias, chronic worry, social anxiety disorder, and obsessive compulsive disorder. People struggle to get rid of their anxiety troubles, and all too often find that it gets worse rather than better.

Outsmart Your Anxious Brain: Webinar

Anxiety makes us question our decisions and ourselves, and worry about the future. It fills our days with dread and emotional turbulence. But what if we understood that anxiety is mostly a trick of the mind, constantly triggering alarms even when we’re not in any particular danger? ADAA member Dr. David Carbonell introduces some of the most powerful techniques to help you respond differently and start to overcome panic, anxiety, worry, and phobias.

Managing Holiday Stress for the Stressed - Blog Post

Let’s face it.  The holidays can be stressful for anyone with all of the expectations for joy, gift giving and getting together with family, friends and co-workers.  When you are prone to worry, social anxiety or depression, however, the pressure can feel doubled because you feel out of sync with all the expectations that apply pressure to your vulnerable spots.

Complicated Grief and Its Treatment - New On-Demand Webinar

In this new on-demand webinar, ADAA member Katherine Shear, MD explains the model of acute, integrated and complicated grief, describes how to recognize and assess for complicated grief and analyzes the seven themes addressed in complicated grief treatment as they relate to the overall objectives of the treatment. Eligible for 1 CE/CME credit.

The Mindful Way Through Anxiety - New Webinar

In this free public webinar, ADAA member Liz Roemer, PhD describes the nature of anxiety and various ways in which anxiety can be maintained. Dr. Roemer provides an overview of mindfulness, the various ways it can be practiced, and how mindfulness can be of benefit to those with anxiety.  She describes the importance of values-based living (doing what matters to us regardless of our anxiety) as the behavioral goal of mindfulness practice.  

by Deb Tokarz

It’s liberating to talk about my struggles with mental illness. That is now that I’ve come out on the other side. There was a time I hid my anxiety and depression because I was embarrassed and didn’t understand my emotions. I took solace in reading about others on the ADAA website — knowing I was not alone. 

by Nicholas Nayersina

When I was a freshman in high school I had my first ever anxiety attack. I remember it was a Tuesday, right at the end of first period biology class. I faked sick that day, told my teacher I needed to go home. I had no idea what was going on or how to handle the way my body was acting. This happened to me the next day and then the same thing the next two days after that, until my mom suggested I see a doctor. They told me I had something called generalized social anxiety. 

Your Mental Health is Easy to Neglect – Tips to Make Sure You Don’t! - Blog

Mental health is so important. It guides our thought patterns, how we feel, and at times how we behave. Yet many people don’t care for their mental health for a variety of reasons. The importance of taking care of our mental health is not always something we are reminded of, consequently making it easy for us to let mental well-being self-care fall to the wayside.