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Ken-Goodman-websize (1)_0.jpgKen Goodman, LCSW, specializes in the treatment of anxiety disorders and OCD.  He authored and produced The Anxiety Solution Series, a 12 hour  audio program, Break Free from Anxiety, a coloring self-help book, and The Emetophobia Manual, a self-help book for those who suffer from the fear of vomit. He conducts workshops at universities and organizations including USC, UCLA, the Anxiety and Depression Association of America's annual conference and the International OCD Foundation.  Ken earned his Bachelor's and Master's Degrees from UCLA and treats children, teens, and adults in his practice in Los Angeles. Ken serves on the ADAA Board of Directors and is the board liaison to ADAA’s Public Education committee Ken has written several articles and has been featured in webinars and videos on the ADAA website. Ken has been an ADAA member since 2009. 


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