by Hope Atlas

If you look up into the sky and can’t see the stars, look tomorrow. 

This was one my first quotes I wrote about 6 years ago.

As a mental health advocate, educator, and writer, ADAA aligns with my commitment to educating and providing help to those living with mental health challenges. At my fingertips are webinars, blogs, and live events, on almost any mental health topic imaginable. I particularly have found the webinars captivating, useful and relevant. I recently watched "Get Unstuck from Depression and Anxiety with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy " and found it so helpful. ADAA aligns with my core values of promoting mental health awareness. With so many resources available on the ADAA website, and its commitment to diversity and inclusion, I am proud to be an ADAA ALLY to do whatever I can to #breakthestigma of mental health challenges. 

Depression and I have had a rocky, complicated relationship. Depression ran my life for many years. Depression still shows up unannounced and usually with no warning or reason, but I am now more or less at peace with where we stand. I have accepted that it is not IF Depression will come back into my life, it is WHEN. With this acceptance has come a bit of freedom. I try very hard to be as productive as I can when Depression is not with me. I have learned how to enjoy life instead of simply endure it. This was not something I accomplished on my own. It was not until I found doctors that were willing to try many different modalities that I was able to be free from Depression for weeks, then months at a time. I participated in group and individual therapy and finally found medication that worked. With a group of dedicated doctors and the support of family and friends I was able to talk back to Depression. I took DBT classes to learn strategies to help me cope when Depression tried to take over my life. I found a therapist who was patient and caring.

Since I was a teen, I have used my writing as a vehicle to find my voice when I was experiencing emotional turmoil. I still journal and write poetry for myself, but now I also write and do free journaling workshops on self-awareness to help others know they are not alone. All my writings, my poems, my Medium mental health blog and book are bits and pieces of my soul. I decided to share my writing with others in the hope that it resonates with even one person. My book My Upside-Down World was written to finally have a place for all my life quotes and to help others learn to journal too.

My mental wellness company – QuoteHope® Tiles, inspirational art and wellness care boxes is the newest of my ventures in mental health advocacy and self-care. It all started with learning the art of alcohol ink on zoom one day in the very beginning of the pandemic. I instantly fell in love with the craft of alcohol ink and began designing tiles and then adding my quotes. Designing my tiles is another form of self-care. I find using alcohol ink on tiles relaxing and fun because you never know how the design will turn out. Alcohol ink is very forgiving - there are no mistakes just new designs! My wellness boxes combine my love for alcohol ink, my love for quotes and my desire to inspire and help others.

Dreams fly by waiting to be caught. This was my very first quote. Some of my dreams have come true and my hope for you is that you continue to work towards your dreams too. You are worth it. 

In addition to advocating mental wellness, a percentage of my proceeds from my writing and online stores will be donated to organizations helping those living with mental health challenges, including ADAA.

I invite you to learn more about who I am at and

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