The Walking Teapot

The Walking Teapot

by Angela

"Angela - Depression Personal Story"On June 17th, 2019 I founded The Tea Giver Project in the middle of the night while battling depression.

At the time, I had lost any sight of hope until I turned to tea. In my journal, I would let my feelings out and on each page I would draw a teacup as sign of comfort. Tea was my safe haven while battling depression and my moment of comfort. The place I felt safest was with a cup of tea in my hand. Overcoming depression and working on the frontlines throughout COVID-19 was no easy feat, but I continued to find the strength to carry on with a cup of tea and my project.

I’ve become a walking teapot working on The Tea Giver Project in every moment. I aim to bring comfort to those who may not have comfort and ever since I founded my project I’ve given away over 18,000 boxes of tea and over 43,000 tea bags thus far. 

I choose to reach out to ADAA because battling depression was not easy and in sharing my story, I hope more people are able to gain comfort. I hope to inspire other people by showing that there is hope within the things that we do each and everyday.

There is hope and healing through a cup of tea.


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After viewing my art and story, I want others to understand that we are not alone in this and…