ADAA Blog Post Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in contributing a consumer/professional blog post to ADAA.  All blog post subject matter - for both professional and public focused blogs - must be aligned with the mission of the organization. ADAA reserves the right to not publish a blog submission if the content is not aligned with our mission.   As a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization, we are nonpartisan, we don’t lobby and cannot share any content that is political in nature.

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To submit a blog post, email your blog topic proposal.

ADAA’s blog post guidelines

  • Words: ideally between 500-750 and edited prior to submission.
  • For public blog posts, please keep your writing informal. Sentences and paragraphs are best kept short. Bulleting key information is great.
  • Photographs – images/video are great for bringing a post to life.
  • Include a title (please keep all titles short and “catchy” - for example headlines like 7 Tips to Overcome School Anxiety. It is a proven best practice that “listicles” drive increase engagement.
  • Please provide a current author headshot (high resolution JPG or PNG file) and a bio sketch (one to two paragraphs in length). If any of this information is not provided, ADAA will not publish the blog post.
  • Include a link to an affiliated website (i.e. your practice, academic organization, your website, etc.)
  • We encourage blog authors to include two to three questions to the end of blog posts to inspire engagement and comments.
  • We also encourage blog authors to comment on the blog posts of others
  • Use more headlines like 7 Tips for Overcoming Back to School Anxiety. It is a proven best practice that
  • The publication of all blog posts is at the sole discretion of ADAA. ADAA will decide whether to publish the post and determine the publication date. Once published, the blog post is considered to be the property of ADAA. ADAA can publish and share the blog post in any manner its choses and on any media/social media site its choses (now and in the future).
  • The blog post author agrees and warrants that the piece is original and has not previously been published on another site (ADAA does accept blog posts that are posted on the author’s own website).
  • It is understood that no compensation is provided for any blog posts.

For samples (re. format and style) for our public focused blog posts, please click here. To view our current professional focused blog posts, please click here.

All blog posts will be posted on the ADAA website (visited by more than 11 million people annually) and will be comments-enabled (people can leave a comment, ask a question, etc. on each blog post).  These comments are all reviewed by the ADAA staff on a daily basis and must be approved before being posted. Those comments that are deemed inappropriate are deleted. ADAA will share positive feedback on posts with the authors on a weekly basis.

All blog posts are also shared on ADAA’s social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram) and highlighted in our free e-newsletters (Triumph – ADAA’s monthly consumer focused newsletter, and Insights – ADAA’s professional bi-weekly focused newsletter).

Please contact Lise Bram, ADAA Deputy Executive Director at [email protected] or 240-485-1016 with any questions. Thank you!