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ADAA's passion is helping people understand the disorders, find treatment, and recover. ADAA's website offers expert reviewed content to supplement your client and patient's treatment. Clinicians, discover helpful resources below to share with your clients/patients.

FREE Peer to Peer Support Groups

ADAA's free Mental Health Peer-to-Peer Support Communities provides your clients a space to share with others who understand your unique anxiety and depression struggles in this safe space. 

Triumph Newsletter

Triumph is a free monthly e-newsletter featuring resources, relevant events, personal stories, and more. Triumph will provide your clients content to continue learning about anxiety, depression, and co-occurring disorders to make informed choices about their mental health.

FREE Webinars

ADAA's free public webinars address some of the most frequently asked questions about psychological and pharmacological treatment of anxiety disorders, depression, and related disorders.

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ADAA's mental health blogs provide evidence-based self-care tips published by mental health professionals.

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Personal Stories

ADAA encourages people living with anxiety, depressive, obsessive-compulsive, and trauma-related disorders to share their stories about their struggles, how they cope and triumph. These personal stories allow your patients to recognize that they are not alone and help break the stigma surrounding mental health.