Donald F. Klein Early Career Investigator Award

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The Anxiety and Depression  Association of America is pleased to announce an award to an early career investigator for the best original research paper on neurobiology, psychopharmacology, psychosocial treatments, or experimental psychopathology of anxiety disorders and depression.

Application deadline: to be announced



The award is restricted to investigators who have completed their terminal degree and are currently at a rank of assistant professor or below. Individuals who are working to complete their degree are not eligible.

Applicants must be the first or senior author on the submitted paper, which must be original research on anxiety disorders, depression, and comorbid related disorders, focusing on neurobiology, psychosocial treatments, or experimental psychopathology. The paper may not be published or in press elsewhere.

Applicants must be members of ADAA, but we welcome new members, so interested nonmembers should feel free to join and then submit.


The winner will receive a monetary award and complimentary registration to the Anxiety Disorders and Depression Conference.

The winner is expected to make an oral presentation at the conference, and the research paper will receive rapid publication in ADAA's online journal. The winner will be assigned a mentor from the ADAA Scientific Council and will be invited to participate in the award selection committee and get involved in other activities of the organization. 

Submission Preparation and Review

Submissions should be sent to ADAA, in English. Word limits for this award are extended to 4,000 for original research.

Applicants must also complete the application (an interactive pdf) and e-mail it and the manuscript.

  • Save the application to your computer, rename it, and e-mail as an attachment.

Manuscripts will be peer-reviewed by a committee of researchers. Applicants cannot submit this paper to other journals during the review period. Call 240-485-1018 with questions.

About Donald F. Klein

This award is named for Donald F. Klein, MD, who revolutionized psychiatric thinking through his discovery in the early 1960s that imipramine, a recently developed psychotropic medication, was effective in blocking panic attacks.

Dr. Klein observed that patients with panic attacks were suffering from a distinct disease entity, which was ultimately referred to as panic disorder. Dr. Klein’s early contribution to the development of the DSM in large part gave birth to the modern branch of medical science dealing with the classification of disease of anxiety disorders. He dissected out a schema for diagnosing anxiety disorders that is routinely used to this day. He separated panic disorder and agoraphobia from generalized anxiety disorder, social phobia, and simple phobia.

Dr. Klein’s early findings also heralded in the era of childhood anxiety disorders as biochemical disorders when he discovered that imipramine blocked childhood separation anxiety disorders.

In later years, Dr. Klein developed a compelling evolutionary-based hypothesis accounting for the etiology of panic disorders, which terms “the false suffocation alarm theory of panic disorders.” His work continues to remain relevant and topical to the present.

Dr. Klein was the recipient of the 2005 ADAA Lifetime Achievement Award.

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