Online Program Planner

The ADAA Online Program Planner is a searchable directory that allows you to review the abstract, learning objectives, and speakers for every session of the conference. Search for sessions by category, topic, presenter, date and time to create an individual program based on your interests, which you can save and print out as your own itinerary. A printed final program will be available at the conference.

Advanced Search    
Search for session type, title, author/presenter name or institution, keyword, date to locate specific presentations or groups of presentations that contain a search term in a specific field.
Choose the Presentations or Sessions button, and click Search.

  • Click on Presentation in the left column: Shows time and date, author/presenter, and abstract.
  • Click on Session in the right column: Shows the session number, title, type, description, categories, learning objectives, date and time, and a link to add to your itinerary.

To search by Session Number → Input Session Number, including “C” or “R” as indicated in the program below. → Click “Search” at the bottom of the page.

To search by Author/Presenter → Input Author/Presenter name. → Click “Search” at bottom of page.

To search using other fields  (Session Type, Category, Title, Institution, Keyword, Abstract, Date and Time, Poster Number, Session Title) → Input or choose information. → Click “Search” at the bottom of the page.

Search the Author/Presenter Index   
Select a letter of the alphabet to get a subset of the first two letters in the last names of authors and presenters. Select one to narrow your list; presenting authors are shaded in yellow.
Find the correct person. → Click on Find Matching Presentations or Find Matching Sessions buttons at the top and bottom of the list to view results.

Select a Day, Session Type, or Session Category. Click on resulting links for further information.

Quick Search          
On the left in the field beneath “? Search Tips”, enter session number, presenter name, keyword, or date, and choose display as Sessions or Presentations.

My Itinerary        
Log in to create your personal itinerary. Create a new Itinerary account. Or log in if you are a returning user. To take advantage of the itinerary functions, you must create an account; this information is used only to hold your selections.

Create your personal itinerary: Click “Add Checked Selections to My Itinerary” or “Add to My Itinerary” from any page. → Print, download, or send it to your mobile phone before you leave for the conference.