by Cynthia Kipp

I have suffered from social anxiety disorder since I was about 10 years old, or about 34 years. I was a very intelligent child, but when teachers noticed a difference in me, I started trying to be invisible. Social situations, including school, were torture. I bulldozed my way through life, including dabbling in alcohol and substance abuse for relief of my anxiety and depression. I find it very interesting that the disorder is marked by a morbid fear of authority figures. And here I thought I was just being a rebel!

Depression and Anxiety Journal - September 2020

The September edition of ADAA's Journal, Depression and Anxiety, is available now! All ADAA members receive complimentary access to the Journal as a member benefit.

Check out Volume 37, Issue 9 - September 2020 and these highlighted articles:

Randomized, controlled, participant‐ and rater‐blind trial of pharmacogenomic test‐guided treatment versus treatment as usual for major depressive disorder
Roy H. Perlis, Daniel Dowd, Maurizio Fava, Todd Lencz, David S. Krause

Anxiety and Depression Treatment for Immigrant, Refugee, and Asylee Clients - New On-Demand Webinar

This webinar provides an overview of strategies for integrating multiculturally competent strategies into evidence-based treatment of anxiety and depression for immigrants, refugees, and asylees. Specific tools for addressing barriers to treatment and incorporating resources are also addressed. Discussion focuses on strategies for conceptualizing and treating clients from a systemic perspective. This training also includes case application and discussion of practical tools. 

I Wore My Heart on My Sleeve - Taking Action Story

Coming from west Africa my family and I never understood the importance of mental health. 

When my sister was 10 year she became a victim of a mental health disorder. She’d starve herself, isolate herself, and began cutting herself. It was traumatizing and my family didn’t know how to help her or let alone understand what she was going through. 

Luckily a therapist was able to shed light on her mental health disorders and we were able to help her from causing more harm to herself. 

by Edison Konan

You may know this already, 7.7 million youth in America alone will suffer from a mental health disorder this year! Over 11% of these cases will lead to suicide.

Coming from west Africa my family and I never understood the importance of mental health. 

Study of more than 100 modifiable factors for depression identifies social connection as the strongest protective factor - Research Study

ADAA members Karmel Choi, PhD and Jordan Smoller, MD ScD author this study from Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) identifying a set of modifiable factors from a field of over 100 that could represent valuable targets for preventing depression in adults. In the study published in The American Journal of Psychiatry, the team named social connection as the strongest protective factor for depression, and suggested that reducing sedentary activities such as TV watching and daytime napping could also help lower the risk of depression.