ABCT 2020 Virtual Convention

The theme of the 2020 virtual meeting is "Better Access, Better Outcomes: Enhancing the Impact of Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies." This year, the convention held November 17-22, 2020 will be entirely virtual and will include around 1500 posters, plus over two hundred posters at the SIG Expo, almost 200 symposia and panel discussions, and dozens of institutes, workshops, AMASS, Master Clinician seminars, clinical round tables, clinical grand rounds, research talks, and other presentations. Register here.

Mental Health Conference 2020 - Evidence-Based Modalities in Practice: An Integrative Approach Through a Cultural Lens

GHI - The Israel Association of Mental Health Professionals - is proud to invite you to a 3D Virtual MENTAL HEALTH CONFERENCE - 2020. Evidence-Based Modalities in Practice : An Integrative Approach Through a Cultural Lens.  The conference will commence online on December 6-7, 2020.  GHI is the leading mental health organization in Israel that provides a formal framework for Anglo mental health professionals practicing in Israel, as well as a comprehensive mental health resource for the Anglo population.  GHI is consulted by thousands of clients monthly who are seeking mental health support and education, including municipalities, embassies of English-speaking countries, educational programs, private facilities, and absorption / immigration offices.  For more information and to register to the conference, click here.  

WCP 2021 - The 20th World Congress of Psychiatry

The 20th World Congress of Psychiatry (WCP 2020) will take place March 10-13, 2021 and is fully virtual. This is a unique multidisciplinary forum for colleagues from around the world to meet and discuss a variety of topics, generating stimulating debates and fruitful collaborations. Join leading experts and other allied healthcare professionals for this outstanding opportunity to take part in educational sessions and networking opportunities.

Perinatal Mental Health Training for Frontline Providers: Webinar Series


ADAA is pleased to be working closely with Postpartum Support International (PSI).

Check out PSI's online training for frontline providers which is  available for purchase and download. 

Write to for more info or join our mailing list to get updates.


Postpartum Support International (PSI) is the leading organization devoted to perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. In addition to supporting mothers, fathers, and families directly, PSI offers frontline healthcare providers with resources to help identify, support and treat individuals living with perinatal mental health complications.


Massachusetts General Hospital CBT Webinars

mass3.pngADAA is proud to collaborate with the Massachusetts General Hospital Psychiatry Academy to co-present two on-demand sessions on:


Cost for all participants: $35.00 

ADAA members receive a 10% off this webinar with code ADAA10. 

These webinars are fully on-demand and open for participation to anyone at any time. These sessions are approved for CME credit through January 19, 2021.

ResearchMatch Partnership

We’ve partnered with ResearchMatch to help find cures for anxiety and depression! 

ResearchMatch is a national registry designed to promote the completion of clinical trials by matching volunteers interested in research with researchers nationwide. Funded by the National Center for Advancing Translation Science, which is part of the NIH, ResearchMatch is disease-neutral and institution-neutral so that participants with and without health problems can be included and valued. Learn more.

Get involved. Get Matched!

ADAA seeks to build strategic partnerships with additional organizations to deliver the highest quality programs, education, and information through co-sponsored webinars, blog posts and other educational materials for the public and professional membership.

If you are interested in collaborating with ADAA, please contact Astrid Masfar