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Hoarding: The Basics

One of the challenges of diagnosing Hoarding Disorder is that it’s rarely an independent, self-motivated decision to seek treatment. There is often encouragement or even intervention from loved ones concerned about the safety, wellbeing, and functioning of the individual. With Hoarding Disorder, there is a higher likelihood than OCD for a person to have poor insight, and that can also be a contributing challenge to proper diagnosis. 

Types of Eating Disorders

Please note that eating disorders are complex and some eating issues will not meet diagnostic criteria. All eating concerns must be taken seriously.


For many in our public community the COVID pandemic is still triggering increased anxiety. Find helpful tips and strategies from our ADAA mental health professionals.

Animal Hoarding

When most people hear about animal hoarding, they recall shocking news stories about the “crazy cat lady.” They immediately side with the animals, rarely considering the life of what led to this behavior.

Treatment Planning for Hoarding

Dr. Bell begins the presentation by providing a brief overview of hoarding to highlight the issues to address in treatment. She then focuses on goal-setting and establishing a contract.