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by Cassi Davis

WeddingADAA_0.jpgI can be fairly guilty of not always going through with certain things in my life. If it didn’t light my fire immediately, I would wash my hands of it. I always thought life was too short to be doing things you don’t really want to do. That being said, if I happened to lay my eyes on something I did want, you better believe I fought for it.

by Amy Lu, Misha Kennedy, Melanie Moy, Stella Wong, Helen Chen

I Was Here 1_1.jpg

The project that we were participating in was called the "I Was Here Project" where we and our peers (7th graders) research a topic and prepare an intervention. Then, we later reflect on what we did in a movie we made in class. 


by Nicolai Brune

DSC06442_0.jpgGeneration Nine is a streetwear brand currently producing a selection of hoodies, t-shirts and hats.

by Robert Surrency


Like many people, I deal with depression and anxiety. Some episodes are minor, while others are paralyzing. Throughout all this, I am always looking for opportunities to turn these struggles into something more positive. I found one of these opportunities to be through photography and the outdoors.  Both allow me to explore a creative outlet that I love while disconnecting in nature. 

by Emily Schroeder

Count On Me_0.jpgWe are a group of filmmakers at the American Film Institute. We are in the midst of fundraising a short
film, “Count on Me,” which is the inspiring and emotional tale of Sam, a young boy with OCD trying to
survive in a world that looks down on him for his disability.

by Matthew Woods

Matthew Woods 3_0.jpegHello everyone! My name is Matthew Woods, I’m 28, and I suffer from Panic Disorder. This disease once dominated my every waking moment with excessive false alarms that sent me to the emergency rooms more times than I can remember. Something as simple as a cramp would be misconstrued by my brain as a life-ending condition, sending me into a tailspin panic attack.

anxious1_1.jpegI never intended for depression or anxiety to be a part of my platform. When I was writing my EP I was speaking purely from my personal experiences, while writing it and speaking honestly I found a lot of what I had to say was about me not being ok in that particular time in my life.

setmo (2)_0_0.pngAnxiety is something that affects so many of us to varying degrees and is too often overlooked. When we wrote our track Nightmares in London with Scott Quinn the darker mood of the music made us explore this idea of anxiety and how it can feel suffocating. Scott had some great lyrics that really capture different effects that certain situations can have on people. 

BLACKTAIL_VECT_0.jpgEver since I was teenager I’ve always struggled with the highs and lows of depression and anxiety. I’ve woken up many times in my life thinking that I’m a failure and that I would never amount to anything. You begin to tear yourself down further and further until it’s almost impossible to get out. You try certain medications and they can do a decent job of helping calm yourself down, but no one wants to be dependent on that for the rest of their life.

Lularoe1_0.jpgThe weekend of October 31, 2014, I was hit hard with Panic Disorder.  Panic attacks one after another, all weekend long.  Even my throat "fell asleep".  You know, that feeling when Novacaine is about to wear off.   Before that, it was gradual.  It all started while driving to Virginia for my Uncle's 50th birthday party. I never made it there.

333NYC1_0.jpgThere’s no doubt that today in the United States, anxiety and depression are at an all-time high. Given the political climate, the actual climate, and the immediate availability to see how an Instagram-famous puppy or an 8-year-old reviewing toys online is living a seemingly better life than we are, it comes as no surprise that 40 million people in the country admit to struggling with anxiety, depression or other stress-related disorders. 

March 25, 2017 – 6 weeks later: My name is Samantha Thornton. I've always had a passion for others so I decided to become an elementary school teacher to plant the seeds of a love for education into little hearts. I am currently a 5th grade content literacy teacher. I graduated from the University of Central Florida (Go Knights!) and I'm currently living in South East Florida.

3 months laterChicago_1_0.jpg - Wow, I can’t believe I am finally mustering up the strength to being writing about how things have been these past three months. We’ve made it through Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and our first two family vacations. All three were complete hell. My parents and I often talk about how the “firsts” will be some of the hardest, and that’s all there is right now. Everything seems so dampened by his loss.

5 months laterChicago_1_0.jpg - Well, it’s shocking to believe that it’s been 5 months. I feel like I am living in a completely different lifetime than I was just a few short months ago, but this loss also feels so painfully fresh.

divabigg2 (2)_0.jpgDivaBigg is a body positive company. The company has three divisions; clothing, modeling (BBW in the Room), and show production, all geared toward body positivity.

by Sammy Sucu

Dream6_0.pngAs someone who has suffered chronic depression and has a family history of anxiety and addiction, I decided to take it upon myself (once I figured out my career and made enough money to support myself and my family) to make a change in the world.

lbb1_0.jpgI have been struggling with anxiety honestly my whole life, not up until about 6 months ago did it really become a problem.. I couldn't function day to day, I couldn't hold a job, and I couldn't even handle social events around my loved ones. I was diagnosed with a multi anxiety/depression disorder.. And going through the struggle of trying to make my family understand was another battle. I'm really broken by the fact that not enough people truly understand nor care too..

mindswimmers_0.jpgmindswimmer is an experimental jazz quintet committed to using our art to improve the world around us. We have each faced anxiety and depression, both personally and with those close to us. Unfortunately, one of our past collaborators and dearest friends took his own life when his burden became too great.

Ariel Costa Call For Action_0.PNG"I decided to create this video as a call for action. I hope it will bring curiosity and access to people who seek help.

OOTD Walk flyer_0.PNGSuicide is the 12th leading cause of death in Maryland, the 3rd leading cause of death for ages 15-35, and the 1st leading cause of death for ages 10-14. But suicide is preventable. With your support, together we can save lives and bring hope to those affected by suicide. Last year, the Montgomery County Out of the Darkness Walk drew more than 650 walkers and raised over $75,000.