Panic Disorder

Like other anxiety disorders, panic disorder can be treated.

Most people find significant improvement with professional care. Treatment success varies among people. Some may respond to treatment after a few months, while other people may need more than a year. Treatment can be complicated if a person has more than one anxiety disorder or suffers from depression or substance abuse, which is why it must be tailored to the individual.

Although treatment is individualized, several standard approaches have proved effective. Therapists will use therapy, medication, or a combination of the two.

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facing panic_0_0.jpgLearn seven steps to break the cycle of panic in Facing PanicSelf-Help for People with Panic Attacks - Second Edition

Download the charts found in this book to help you practice and track the skills you can learn to overcome your panic.
Chart 1: Practicing the Calming Skills 
Chart 2: Practice Creating Symptoms
Chart 3: Practice Creating Symptoms
Chart 4: Listing & Ranking My Feared Situations
Chart 5: Details of My Feared Situations
Chart 6: Preparing to Practice
Chart 7: Learning from Practice

Facing Panic: Self-Help for People with Panic Attacks
by R. Reid Wilson, PhD -  ADAA: 2003. Second Edition - 2019 ($15.00)

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