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Founded in 1979, the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) is an international nonprofit organization dedicated to the prevention, treatment, and cure of anxiety, depression, OCD, PTSD, and co-occurring disorders through education, practice, and research. With more than 1,800 professional mental health members (many of whom contribute blog posts, host webinars, review website content and more) ADAA is a leader in education, training, and research. More than 38 million people from around the world visit the ADAA website annually to find current treatment and evidence-based research information and to access free resources and support. Together we are changing lives.  Welcome!


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ADAA member Jill Harkavy-Friedman, PhD shares her insights on the rising suicide rates in this radio segment.
Coping with neurological illnesses can be very distressing. Can cognitive-behavior therapy (CBT) be helpful for the anxiety and depression that often accompanies these illnesses? Dr. Suma Chand, an expert in this area, provides us with answers. If you or a loved one has a neurological disorder – such as Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, stroke, epilepsy or myasthenia gravis – we encourage you to listen and share the webinar.
“This might take the form of either seeing yourself or a loved one no longer doing the things they used to do or enjoy, change the way they are spending their time or being less socially-involved,” says ADAA member Stephen Schueller, PhD in this article on how to recognize a mental health crisis. 
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