Living with OCD, Autism and Depression

Living with OCD, Autism and Depression

by Martin Kovalik

I'm 24 years old and I've had mental health struggles since I was 10. I was diagnosed with OCD, autism, and depression. In elementary school, I always felt different—I didn't understand the people around me, and I was treated badly. Later, it got worse and I stopped going to school due to the anxiety and panic attacks caused by those people.

In high school, I had an individual education plan (IEP) because I couldn't stand to talk to anyone, nor eat or drink in front of anyone, and I was sensitive to sounds. And because of Asperger's, I have always had different interests than others.

I came up with the diagnosis of OCD and depression myself and the doctors confirmed it. I started to be treated and since then I have alternated between seeing several psychiatrists and psychologists.

We tried different medicines, such as antidepressants, but those didn't fully help me. The medicines removed my anxiety, but unpleasant thoughts and depression still remained. OCD is the hardest because I always have to control everything; I collect things, everything has to be in the same place, I am haunted by thoughts, and I can't decide on anything, I have to act according to the thoughts, not the brain—it's hell.

I also did several sports in the past, but depression took that away from me. Then the doctors told me that even though I have had problems for a very long time, it is sometimes difficult to find out all the diagnoses at such a young age.

I'm sharing my story with ADAA because I wanted to share my personal experiences with people and shed light on these diagnoses. Never give up.

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