The Shaw Mind Foundation

The Shaw Mind Foundation

SMF-logo USE THIS ONE (002).jpgThe Shaw Mind Foundation is a dynamic global charity, passionate about tackling the stigma that can accompany mental health issues. Our overarching goal is to support anyone who may have lose hope; both the sufferer and those who support them. We want to ensure treatment and support is made available to everyone across the globe and work in the USA, UK and in other countries with awareness-raising programmes that challenge many of the myths and assumptions about mental health issues.

The Shaw Mind Foundation believes recovery is possible for many who are currently not getting the help they need. This is where The Shaw Mind Foundation makes a difference; we don't want people to continue to slip through the net because they have to wait for care, don't have funds to access life-saving treatment, or live in an area or country that can't currently access mental health recovery programmes. Mental health doesn't discriminate; neither should geography or financial status.

The Founders

Adam ShawAdam Shaw is a world wide mental health advocate, philanthropist and author. Adam lives in the UK and is married with 5 children. Now in recovery from mental health issues himself, he is committed to helping others suffering from debilitating mental health issues through The Shaw Mind Foundation.

"As a society, we are all collectively responsible and accountable for mental health issues. By not engaging in conversation, we are giving mental illness more power than it deserves. By simply talking to, and being open with, our children, family, friends, and colleagues, we can begin the process of recovery from mental health issues without even consciously trying. Talking about and sharing our mental health issues is a fundamental and natural platform, through which recovery begins and mental health well-being is sustained." Adam Shaw

Lauren CallahanLauren Callaghan is an innovative industry leading psychologist based in London. Lauren was a psychologist at the specialist national treatment centers for severe obsessional problems in the UK and is renowned as an expert in the field of mental health, recognized for diagnosing and successfully treating OCD and anxiety related illnesses in particular. In addition to appearing as a treating clinician in the critically acclaimed and BAFTA award-winning documentary Bedlam, Lauren is a frequent guest speaker on mental health conditions in the media and at academic conference. Lauren also acts as a guest lecturer and honorary researcher at the Institute of Psychiatry Kings College, UCL.


We are a dynamic and passionate charity with all funds raised going directly to those in need of our vital support. The Shaw Mind Foundation believes that absolutely every single penny donated helps and can make a huge difference to those who are affected by mental health issues around the world. We stand alongside those currently experiencing mental health issues, and are proud to act as advocate for those suffering. We tackle the stigma and misconceptions that can come with mental health issues, and support those that feel as though they have lost hope. The Shaw Mind Foundation is totally committed to supporting those with mental health issues in developing countries and socially deprived areas around the globe. It is our aspiration to ensure that treatment and recovery from mental health problems is made available to all, regardless of location, financial situation or the nature of their illness.


The Shaw Mind Foundation
Pulling the Trigger

Trigger Press Publishing Company

Would you like to be published? Do you have a story to tell about your personal triumph over living with mental illness? The UK based Trigger Press publishing company (a partner of The Shaw Mind Foundation)  is dedicated to supporting sufferers and families with mental health issues. And if you have a story to tell about your own experience of living with mental illness - or the experience of a loved one - they would like to hear from you! Trigger Press is currently accepting submissions for their Inspirational series. These true-life stories will show how people have coped with their mental health difficulties and gone on to lead fulfilling lives. Learn more.