Panic Attacks, Posture Apparel Brand, and ADAA

Kristina Rudzinskaya
June, 2022

What is common between the Anxiety & Depression Association of America and a Posture Apparel brand? If you stumble to find the answer, you are not alone. So many people think that posture products help people only with their physical alignment, but in reality, the effects of posture improvement are further reaching. There are so many studies on how our body posture affects the way we feel psychologically, and how our psychology affects our physical stance. So now you can probably guess the right answer. Both the Anxiety & Depression Association of America and a Posture Apparel brand help people with their psychological and physical alignment.  

Our Posture Apparel brand is all about self-awareness. We encourage you to do what you feel is right for you and your body. In fact, we are not your typical posture corrector brand or any association you might have when you think of posture correction. We don’t even like the word “correct”. We don’t want you to be right and good, we want you to explore and be yourself - your own complex and unique human being and thrive in your own unique way. We believe that ADAA and Etalon are on a similar self-discovery and self-awareness mission. 

If you feel lost or depressed in your life, we see you and we feel you. When we get to those dark places, our medial prefrontal cortex can no longer analyze our surroundings objectively, so we feel like we are stuck in this pain forever with no way out. When we are stuck in that state, we need external support until we learn ways to get ourselves out of there. Our partner ADAA has incredible resources to help people find their way out of anxiety and depression. As we pledge a part of our sales proceeds to ADAA, we can’t be more proud to be a part of ADAA’s contribution to a healthier world. 

I want to share my personal story, of how depression, anxiety, and panic attacks became my wake-up call and drove me to begin my path to self-awareness. For many years I denied my depression and numbed my anxiety. But the more I tried to hide it, the bigger that anxiety monster grew. When it reached the point of full-blown panic attacks, I could no longer keep living my old life and I knew that I desperately needed a change. I reached out for a friend’s help and started going to therapy which ended up transforming my life. I gained more understanding of who I am and where I need to be going. I started what you now know as Etalon. 

I hope my story helps to restore hope in your heart. There’s always light after darkness! 

Kristina Rudzinskaya, Founder of Etalon 


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If you feel lost or depressed in your life, we see you and we feel you. I hope my story helps to…