by Eric Goodman, PhD

Telling oneself not to be anxious during the COVID-19 pandemic is like trying to tell water not to be wet. These are anxious times.

by Jenni Schaefer

Hello. I would like to introduce myself. I am the only person in the world who cannot recover from an eating disorder. No matter how hard I try or how desperately I want to let go of my eating disorder, I am doomed to fail. I will never get better.  

by Lauren Smolar, MA

Our society is plagued with negative language when it comes to talking about one's body. We live in an era where it is expected to critique ourselves, as well as our eating and exercise habits, when we are around other people, particularly in a setting where food is present.

by Claire Mysko

Depression is not simply feeling sad, anxiety doesn’t just mean worrying a lot, and eating disorders are not as simple as eating too much or too little. And living with two or more of these disorders simultaneously can be a lonely, underrepresented experience.

by Shane G. Owens

College is typically a challenging experience with some expected highs and lows. For some it is also the time during which common mental health problems start. Because of this, you have to talk to your kid about mental health before school starts.

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