The abbreviations in parentheses refer to academic (acad), licensing (lic), and certification (cert).

AAMFT        American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (cert)
AAPH          American Association of Professional Hypnotherapists (cert)
ABECSW   American Board of Examiners in Clinical Social Work (cert)
ABFamP    American Board of Family Psychology (cert)
ABMP         American Board of Medical Psychotherapy (cert)
ABPH         American Board of Psychological Hypnosis
ACP           Advanced Clinical Practitioner (lic)
ACSW       Academy of Clinical Social Workers (cert)
ANA           American Nursing Association (cert)
BCCS        Board Certified in Clinical Social Work (cert)
BCDSW    Board Certified Diplomate in Clinical Social Work (cert)
BSN           Bachelor of Science in Nursing (acad)
CADC        Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor
CCCP        Board Certified in Child and Adolescent Psychology (cert)
CCMHC    Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor (cert)
CCSW      Certified Clinical Social Worker (lic)
CFNP        Certified Family Nurse Practitioner (cert)
CISW        Certified Independent Social Worker (cert)
CMFT        Certified Marriage and Family Therapist (cert)
CP             Certified Psychologist (lic); Clinical Psychologist (lic)
CSW         Certified Social Worker (lic); Clinical Social Worker (lic)
D/AABM    Diplomate, American Academy of Behavioral Medicine (cert)
D/ABPN    Diplomate, American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology
DBM          Diplomate, International Academy of Behavioral Medicine, Counseling and Psychology (cert)
DPM          Diplomate, Neuropsychiatry
DSW         Doctor of Social Work (acad)
EdD           Doctor of Education (acad)
EdS           Bachelor of Science in Education
LCP           Licensed Clinical Psychologist (lic); Licensed CounselingProfessional (lic)
LCSW       Licensed Clinical Social Worker (lic)
LGSW       Licensed Graduate Social Worker (lic)
LICSW      Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (lic)
LMFC        Licensed Marriage and Family Counselor (lic)
LMFCC      Licensed Marriage, Family and Child Counselor (lic)
LMFT         Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (lic)
LMHC        Licensed Mental Health Counselor (lic)
LMHS        Licensed Mental Health Services (lic)
LP              Licensed Psychologist (lic)
LPA            Licensed Psychological Associate (lic)
LPC            Licensed Professional Counselor (lic)
LPE            Licensed Psychological Examiner (lic)
LSP           Licensed School Psychologist (lic)
LSW          Licensed Social Worker (lic)
MA             Master of Arts (acad)
MC             Master of Counseling (acad)
MD             Doctor of Medicine (acad)
MEd           Master of Education (acad)
MFC          Marriage and Family Counselor (lic)
MFCC       Marriage, Family and Child Counselor (lic)
MFCT        Marriage, Family and Child Therapist (lic)
MS            Master of Science (acad)
MSc          Master of Science (acad)
MSN         Master of Science in Nursing (acad)
MSS         Master of Social Science (acad)
MSSW     Master of Science in Social Work (acad)
MSW        Master of Social Work (acad)
NAMHC    National Academy of Mental Health Counselors (cert)
NBCC       National Board of Certified Counselors (cert)
NCC          National Certified Counselor (cert)
NRHSPP  National Register of Health Services Providers in Psychology (cert)
PA             Psychological Associate (lic)
PhD          Doctor of Philosophy (acad)
PsyD        Doctor of Psychology (acad)
RHCP       Registered Health Care Provider (cert)
RISW       Registered Independent Social Worker (lic)
RN            Registered Nurse
RNCS      Clinical Specialist in Adult Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing (cert)
ScD         Doctor of Science (lic)
SW          Social Worker (lic)