Advocating for Mental Health with Music

Advocating for Mental Health with Music

by Goldyn Gambit

Content Advisory: This story contains references to suicide

I’ve overcome severe depression and anxiety throughout my childhood. At the time of my youth, I didn't fully understanding why I was sad and miserable all the time. I survived a suicide attempt where I stabbed myself in the stomach as a teenager. I hated myself from the inside out, I was disgusted with everything about my life and only saw the negatives. I was addicted to Xanax and alcohol, doing cocaine and watching my life spiral out of control throughout my early to mid-twenties.

I did some therapy and counseling and it was very beneficial to speak to someone who gave me a different perspective about my life’s traumas. 

I tried medication once but that didn't help. So I started putting a lot of energy into more positive things such as making music, spending time with family, and actually enjoying and cherishing those little moments. Therapy helped me realize how important finding myself was and learning what made me happy which helped improve my mental health tremendously.

I have been able to overcome these disorders and challenges, and I use negativity to fuel my dream as a musician! I’m a goth musician who books his own shows, while spreading the message and raising awareness about mental health and anxiety. My music persona “Goldyngambit” has become my brand about being an advocate about mental health awareness. And had I not battled this illness, I wouldn’t have been able to create my art. It has not been an easy road, but the journey I’m on looks bright as I take it one day at a time to become a better and healthier version of me. 

I reached out to ADAA because I’ve been looking for an organization I can share my story with and also raise awareness about the seriousness of mental health. I want to share my story to help people who feel alone and who feel like they don’t have options to let them know they do!

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