by Taylor Brown

 I’ve always been passionate about fitness. I think that it does so much good for both the body and the mind. My passion led me to become a personal trainer, which while it could be extremely rewarding, also exposed how degrading and selfish the fitness industry could be. Even though I loved helping my clients change their lives and find new self-confidence, I grew disenchanted with the industry as a whole and eventually had to get out.

Over the course of the next three years, I began to realize that I missed helping people improve their health and the joy that came from watching people achieve their fitness goals. I thought that instead of ignoring the fitness industry, I could try and change and disrupt the industry. That’s how ACTA was born. My wife and I built ACTA to help athletes become the best version of themselves in AND out of the gym.

In the gym, we help our customers become the best versions of themselves in a couple different ways. First, we believe that you will be more likely to work out if you feel comfortable in what you’re wearing. Our products are intended to not only help you get the most of each and every workout, but to also help you be comfortable with your body. Second, we found that so much of the fitness industry, be it messaging, imagery, or apparel, focuses on women in a sexual or exploitative way. This contributes to low self-esteem and body issues. We want to focus on motivating our customers in a healthy way, one that builds up instead of puts down. We want our customers to always be striving to be better tomorrow than they were today, and our brand supports that. 

Out of the gym, we want to help our customers to experience the sense of satisfaction that comes from giving back and serving. With each purchase, we make a donation to one of four charities, represented by the four dots found on every piece of clothing we sell. We then give our customers the power to choose the recipient of their donation, giving them the knowledge that they are making a difference with their purchase. It is our hope that they are reminded of their donation each time they wear our performance apparel and see those four dots. We want people, especially in a gym setting, to remember how important it is to serve, be kind, and give back. KORA2_0.jpg

Of the four charities we serve, mental health is the one closest to our hearts since my wife has gone through some mental health challenges. It is an extremely prevalent issue that affects millions of people and we want to help however we can. For some reason, many people are hesitant to open up and talk about mental health or seek the help they need. We want to help open up communication and remove the stigma around mental health issues.

We are extremely excited to work with ADAA as the recipient of our mental health donations. We have been blown away by the reception and outpouring of love and support for this vital cause. We have complete faith that the money we donate to ADAA will find the right people and provide the treatment they need. 

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