The Beginning of My Journey with Anxiety

The Beginning of My Journey with Anxiety

by Fawna Burgoyne

My story just started. About 3 months ago I started suffering from anxiety attacks out of nowhere. Of course like so many others, I kept it to myself out of shame. I started canceling appointments so nobody would know why I couldn’t make it. It started interfering with work and I decided to finally share it with my husband and children. I hadn’t realized that my two daughters were also suffering from anxiety as well. I reached out to a doctor who prescribed the smallest dose of Lexapro to ‘help’ control my anxiety. That was 3 weeks ago. It immediately triggered uncontrollable anxiety, the worst I’ve ever experienced and I actually had a visit to the emergency room. I’m slowly doing better but I’m still having some ups and downs. It is going to be a long road ahead. The impact this has been on my loved ones has also been difficult. I am so blessed for their support.

To learn more, I started searching for answers and found the ADAA website. It was a godsend!! So much information and tips. I finally felt like someone understood the suffering and pain. Although my first notion was to keep my pain to myself, I have decided that if I’m going to go through with this, it’s all for nothing if I can’t help someone else. I decided to immediately start sharing my story in case it helps even one person. I’m a Director with Pampered Chef and this May they are doubling donations for fundraisers so I created a fundraiser link to help support ADAA. Pampered Chef will donate 20-30% of the total for all orders placed on the link at the end of May! Thank you for supporting ADAA and for listening to my story.

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