by Sheri Miller

When I wrote this song, someone close to me was suffering with depression, and I deeply desired with all my heart and soul to soothe them, give them relief.  This song was my gift, a message of love to them.  

I realized later, this was also a song to myself.  To remind myself it's ok – and actually good - to feel every emotion- including negative emotions-  as emotions are powerful guidance.  Emotions are temporary, passing through- 'energy in motion.'  And everybody feels this way, sometimes!  If I have moments of despair, sadness, anger, worry, anxiety- it's natural- part of the human experience.  I don't have to be embarrassed, cover up, wear a mask, pretending publicly 'I'm great,' if it's not authentic in the moment.

We are never alone, we are extraordinarily connected to each other, to love, to universal forces, more than we realize!  We're all in this together!  Thank you emotions, for being our guidance system, about our active current thoughts.  Is our current thought loving, building us up, or less than that, beating us up?  We can change this thought the moment we recognize what we’re thinking; and good news - our tiniest bit of relief is our confirmation - we’re on the right track, moving up to a better feeling emotion.  This is good work!  

Listen to “Everybody Feels This Way Sometimes

I send you great love.  I hope this song comforts and uplifts you, even in the littlest way.